1. It also sounds like Drew’s giving bad news to Willow Meaning Carly intentionally fucks up his plan to find her real parents and this is definitely after she’s already knows that she has cancer, so how do you defend this bitch come on I want all her fucking fans to tell me how do you defend this bitch?

  2. It feels like the writing is so heavily biased to one side over the other. Then again, this is the same team of writers that worship at the altar of Mob Boss Sonny and his Silent Enforcer (LOL, not to be confused with Silent & Deadly) Jaysus.

  3. Don’t forget that Nina has been a bitch to Willow since she was Charlottes teacher. There is some toxic baggage between those two.

  4. Yeah I didn’t think Nina was rude or anything ; it made sense she cares for Sasha and she thought willow was her friend.🤷‍♀️

  5. Really? Interesting take. I thought Nina was overstepping and horribly rude insinuating that Willow is in the lap of luxury and able to nap during the day. She is not at all self aware.

  6. Nina’s visit could’ve easily been a phone call or text. Instead we get to watch her stress and berate a pregnant women whom she knows doesn’t like her. I’m so tired of their run ins and stupid pop up’s . I would’ve looked at my ring camera and left Nina ass outside lol.

  7. Curtis may be in the clear but Portia isn't. It seems like everyone forgets that Curtis had a brother who snapped and almost killed Shawn after finding out that Jordan cheated on him. Whose to say Thomas wasn't schizophrenic himself.

  8. It seems they are going down the road of Marshall not being Curtis’ father. I bet Auntie is really his mom.

  9. Some posters here claimed Cody's actor is good at soap acting, on another show.

  10. I think that true. He is totally believable as a sketchy schemer with a good-old boy side. The character stinks as of now but the actor seems good. at least he knows his lines.

  11. While not likely, Trina could be the Hook killer. They're really playing up the schizophrenia diagnosis and the secret that Curtis is probably her father.

  12. OOO soapy twist! Love it! The character has been a little too perfect and sweet. She could really sink her teeth into that role.

  13. There isn’t any hard proof but it doesn’t look that good for her, circumstantially. There isn’t another woman on the canvas, currently, who would have a vendetta against everyone involved in Trina’s trial.

  14. What about when Finn asked Heather if she has been out of the prison to contract the rare infection? She just gave a knowing look and on Heathers last stint to PC she said how easy it was to sneak out. It makes no sense but it seems like they are setting her up to be the killer.

  15. That could be true but even Heather does things for a reason. Granted, those reasons don’t make sense to everyone else but they make sense to her. Heather doesn’t have a motive to go after everyone connected to Trina’s trial. She doesn’t even know Trina.

  16. I know, it makes no sense but they threw us that info. It’s either sloppy writing or maybe a red herring. Anxious to see what the point of Heather is this time.

  17. Nina continues to say nothing but the truth to Michael, and he continues to act like a sulky child.

  18. Michael is a self-righteous child, but all that coming from Nina was too rich…a pot calling the kettle black situation.Both have low morals and think they are always right.

  19. Did Tripp and Joey already go back to Seattle? I thought they were sticking around to see who can get Wendy.

  20. I’m starting to like -gulp- Carly and Drew🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ve chosen to believe he is an entirely new character and it has helped me swallow the storyline.

  21. I’m not that into Ana and Valentin 🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. I agree. She’s beautiful and they have an interesting background, but I just don’t buy Valentin as sexy. He was a better villain IMO.

  23. "Mike" wasnt a person, it was an alias for Sonny cause he lost his memories and no one knew where he was and thought he was dead. Nina knew this. She interupted his funeral. She knew his family was grieving him. She chose to be petty then just like she's choosing to be petty about seeing two friends hug.

  24. You are so right. The Ninny fans choose to forget this and always deflect to others flaws. It’s a soap, they are all flawed. Carly is a particular shit show. If they were good people they would be boring.

  25. I'm a fan of Nina in general, but I'm not here for her assuming that Willow and TJ are messing around, and if she goes around trying to throw that in people's faces she's just going to end up looking dumb and probably ruin her friendship with Curtis, not to mention further ruin any chance of a relationship with Willow.

  26. Right?! She goes from sappy sweet to people she likes and devious Ninny to those she doesn’t. No in-between at all. And since when is a hug between friends a red flag?

  27. Nina, back the hell off. None of this is your business. Stop making me defend Willow.

  28. Right?! She goes from sappy sweet to people she likes and devious Ninny to those she doesn’t. No in between at all. And since when is a hug between friends a red flag?

  29. I think Brady should explain why he won’t let her see her mom. The kid should know a watered down version of the truth so as she gets older she isn’t shocked.

  30. I really dislike Finn but Cody needs to go first.

  31. Finn is my choice too. Snore…. Michael Easton has been recycled too many times on this soap IMO

  32. I wonder if these were taped before or after her son’s tragedy. I’d be off too. So very sad.

  33. Is it only allowed to comment if people ask for a comment?

  34. I deleted my comment. I shouldn’t have said anything, but the negativity is sucking the fun out of the show for me. I came her to gain insight and discuss the series.

  35. They never stick to characters’ health issues.

  36. We also don’t see the characters going to the bathroom or brushing their teeth. Some things, like personal maintenance, don’t make good tv.

  37. My daughter mentioned the other day how unrealistic soaps are because now-a-days everyone texts, no one shows up in person for a conversation. Also no one is ever just hanging out at home folding laundry. 🤣 But that’s the fun of a fictional series. How boring if it was just people sitting on the couch texting or bitching on Reddit like me 🤣

  38. Is Nina a bit drunk? She was slurring her speech a bit.

  39. I suspect that she had a baby at 16, and that baby is Dex

  40. I think that's either Gandalf or Radagast. It'll be someone with affection towards Hobbits. I mean who knows. They're not following the story so that could be Achilles for all I know.

  41. I watch days too and you’re so right abt the quick marriages and divorces! I hadn’t thought abt it but we’ve got Johnny and Chanel, and Nicole and Rafe and possibly Gabi and Li now heading that way!

  42. Oh no, I haven’t watched since weds or Thursday and haven’t seen them since their wedding I don’t think. I like them together!

  43. Nothing but usual hi-jinx and miscommunication stuff (I feel awful for mentioning anything!)

  44. Just curious, no hate, why do you put double spaces after your periods? I heard some do as a leftover habit from typewriting days but I’m not sure if that’s real?

  45. Also - if you double space on a iphone or computer (mine anyway) it automatically puts a period. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  46. Thanks! I knew all of the Bobbie stuff, but couldn’t remember whose identity she stole, and if there really was a man she seduced. Or if it was a recon.

  47. She did not seduce him. She was 16 and couldn’t say no to her friends, 40-something, father. She was a victim. The backstory makes sense as to why the character learned to used sex as a weapon going forward.

  48. The new jordan has really grown on me

  49. I agree. At first I did not thing she fit the role, but lately she seems to have loosened up and looks more in charge.

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