1. Have Exhibition lv5 , dont wear panties at school, walk on any alleyway at weekend,and go to the park at rain day. Need high dom to trigger +Love more often.

  2. Thanks kinda hate increasing exhibition but hey Whitney is the the only one left so might as well go for it

  3. Eden asking you to stay is more rhetorical; they’re the person who bought PC from Bailey

  4. Eden is an LI that only becomes your LI once you get Stockholm Syndrome. You either get sold to him by Bailey or he hunts you down in the forest and kidnaps you.

  5. Wait robin is a girl my robin is a boy did I turn something on the settings?

  6. You can change the gender of the named characters in your settings.

  7. Oh then no I'm not gonna change robin but Sydney do I'm gonna change her into a girl

  8. it's a very simple and practical life simulator! everything from waking up and feeling tired after work to getting raped is very realistic and will remind you of your own dream life!

  9. You can escape or if you have good taste, let yourself get Stockholm syndrome

  10. Yup that's what happened I was try to escape but hey gotta get that Stockholm syndrome for kylar

  11. I mean if there's a catboy then there must be nymphs I never travel in the forest since it scares me

  12. If you're pretty enough or have high enough hands skill, you can work in the spa for a decent amount of cash. If your hands skill is high enough you can give a happy ending and make them pay extra to cum, even more if you have thighs or I think it was breast skill.

  13. I just wanna say thanks for your time and effort to right this down my god this sure took a while to write

  14. Well, you can fight him off (which is a pain in the ass bc the bastard is strong) or submit and he can "sell" you to some interesting people

  15. There is an event to dismiss him permanently.

  16. No I don't want that but is that what happens when you get her dominance low?

  17. Nothing - low dominance just triggers dismissal, which you can save them from.

  18. Well you got several options, first if your character is low level you should keep walking and look back. Now it tells you their speed and intention, if their speed is slow and your athletics are high you can run away from them and if their intentions aren't too lustful you might just get away by walking past them.

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