1. It looks like he finally decided to get decent sleep and stoped using crack.

  2. He stopped trying to mate with the power socket as practice before getting on with Alisa

  3. You know... Castlevania and Arcane have something in common: they stay grounded and coherent since they don't mix too many plots and present too many chars, at once. So that could be an useful start

  4. So much talent and matching looks out there

  5. If you listen to the commentary you can tell she put a lot of effort into her role as well.

  6. When you are cool with things, it becomes really obvious

  7. A bowl of cereal... called Plago's: they're made with fish, herbs and eggs.

  8. Si nikocado pudo volverse una grima andante sin siquiera bajarse el pantalon, esta chica puede conquistar la red

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