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  1. "50,000 people used to live here. They still do, but they used to, too."

  2. Escalators can never be out of order. Because we don't have escalators, those are for fat lazy capitalists.

  3. About five years ago, I had someone call and threaten me because a spammer spoofed my number. I took the guy to court, it was such an ordeal.

  4. Wait till you hear about how online exchanges sell your data to hedge funds with

  5. So it's not front - running, but that's the closest existing thing I can think of based on this description and it's very illegal... Interesting.

  6. Probably Oscar, I've been told (by my wife) I come off as a know it all, and I like buying coffee for my coworkers.

  7. If you live near a Cook Out, they are the best. Milkshakes are less than $4.00, they have a million flavor options, and they are the best.

  8. Cookout sells milkshakes? I thought it was just a parking lot where highschoolers hang out with their overpriced trucks....maybe that's just in my town (their shakes are awesome btw)

  9. DANG IT!!! Came here to say this, good on you fellow old person!

  10. Is this the guy who built a house, didn't like it and had it demolished and rebuilt? If so, I was just talking about him recently as an example of stupid lottery winners.

  11. I can agree. My wifi can't reach my bedroom. Even though there's only one wall and literally 6 meters away

  12. Eero, friend! My house isn't huge but this was an issue for me as well. I have four eeros, and while they were a bit pricey it was worth every penny.

  13. Mesh wifi, you plug one little box into your router and then buy however many more you need depending on the coverage area. It's very easy to set up (I know very little about networking) and it blankets your house in wifi; it's incredible. Def not cheap but it was worth it in my humble opinion.

  14. Lithgow was incredible in that role and after I saw him I was like “there’s no way it’ll get better than this.” About halfway through season 5 I felt like I was right.

  15. Same. The first strike was my wife was pregnant with our oldest when we saw "that scene" at the end of season four. Second and final strike was season five being so crappy, we just gave up. It sounds like we cut our losses a shade too latebut still came out on top!

  16. I feel like im set on trio, wellness, rainshower, neck blaster.. The last one im torn on is gyromassage vs pulsator vs versa....Hmmm

  17. Hey man, which jetpacks did you end up getting and how do you like them? I'm ordering a Bullfrog in a couple days and I'm trying to narrow down my choices.

  18. I think trio wellness versa rainshower and pulsator. Do not get neck blaster unless only short people are using it and it shoots water everywhere. I took it back.

  19. Ah ok... I had intended on getting a neckblaster; how tall are you? And if you have the lounge, does it work on that or no?

  20. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed. Both of their last words were along the lines of “My friend Adams/Jefferson still lives”. They shared almost the same last words but had no idea one of them were already dead.

  21. Not to mention they reconciled later in life, after being super bitchy to each other for quite a while over the whole federalist/republican debate.

  22. I think you might be able to if you have enough time and enough snails. One time when I was little and we were on a camping trip I caught a small toad and a bunch of huge snails (land snails) and put them all in a container together (like I was gonna keep them as pets because... ya know... I was a kid). Anyway, woke up the next day and it seemed that the snails had completely devoured the small toad, literally nothing left.

  23. So what's you're saying is, be wary of anyone who keeps a snail farm?

  24. Take about 20% off the top there super chief

  25. Someone help me pls. I was discussing with some friends, and I could swear there was a mission that was on a party, I think we were undercover? I think there was a woman too, our target or someone helping, not sure.

  26. For the life of me I can't actually remember the way I used to play Goldeneye, never had the pleasure of playing perfect dark.

  27. Do you have an Xbox? If so you can play Perfect Dark! It's dope, def old but a worthy successor to goldeneye!

  28. I was dating a girl recently, and I showed her my PSP. I have it since 2007, original battery and everything, and I play PSX games from time to time. When I showed it to her she said " What are you, 12?"

  29. Dude, take it from someone who's 40+; as long as you've done everything you need to, do whatever the hell you want in your spare time (within reason!)

  30. The second I see the word chocolaty on a label it's absolutely over.

  31. I was just thinking about that Carlin bit this morning! The cereal I had said it was full of "yogurty" clusters.

  32. I think they owe us like 3 Fast and Furious pods at this point.

  33. Low key McCormick is great. (Usually) no bullshit in them so my picky vegan health nut wife can use them. And their flavor combos are usually really good blends. They end up being the seasonings I actually use day to day. Tho they need an Umami mushroom one.

  34. I went on a work trip a few years ago to Hunt Valley MD, which is apparently is near the Mccormick plant. Omg it smelled so good.

  35. Not sure if it's the scariest, but The descent is definitely up there. I'm not claustrophobic, but those caving scenes left me anxious... even before the real craziness kicked in.

  36. This works especially well at art museums. My favorite is to take off my glasses, look at something contemplatively, begin to express appreciation with my face, and slowly replace that expression with one of disgust. Then I will wipe my glasses off using a handkerchief as I bitterly state “I hate it” and walk away shaking my head.

  37. also 29cent/39 cent hamburger/ cheeseburger

  38. Dude, I noticed in thecooler at the food lion checkout today, that the bottled cokes are 1.99$..what the heck?! I didn't check but I'll bet they were also 16.9oz, not 20oz. Man those got expensive.

  39. That's why Nate said they were ugly af and not gonna wear them, during his interview lol

  40. 209 for life dog! Let's start a fight league in the whole foods parking lot!

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