1. I don't know if a pound of onions on a hotdog roll counts as a hoagie.

  2. Tonight really shows what a force on the feild Bedoya is at holding the team together. Glad we signed him for another year, but the clock is ticking on finding a replacement for him; and tonight really demonstrates the need for a longer term replacement who can focus the team on the feild.

  3. Really bad loss. Worst game of the season. Whether we win Supporters Shield or not this is concerning going into the playoffs. Hopefully it's an one off situation

  4. Unless LAFC catastrophically blows thier last game were not getting the shield now. In fact Montreal now has a legitimate chance to flip us for top position in the east.

  5. Then how about proportional allocation based on population? Fact is per capita spending is higher on the rural areas of the state than on the urban areas of the state.

  6. If local politicians actually used Septa they would want to fund it more.

  7. Oh no this is terrible news, his voice and style are iconic and I've really gotten used to hearing him over the last decade.

  8. I laugh every time I see a straight girl in a gay bar expecting a free drink from the gay patrons.

  9. Straight couples enjoy gay bars because they feel no one will hit on their gf. Him being cool around gay men makes him look extra masculine to his gf.

  10. If a straight guy is that insecure they have other bigger issues to deal with.

  11. For gunshots hands down Temple ER is the best at it, no joke. They unfortunately have a lot of practice with it.

  12. It really should be illegal for all the services in the ER to be under different networks. I went for something small and got hit with about 5 different bills, half of which were out of network. In an emergency, how am I supposed to check who’s in network and who isn’t? Total joke.

  13. It really highlights the absurdity of defending the current system by saying competition and market forces will bring down costs, when you walk into a building and the people in it may or may not be in the same network.

  14. 2SP in Aston is dog friendly and has amazing beer, absolutely worth the trip.

  15. I fucking hate that guy, what a complete scumbag piece of shit

  16. His retrial starts today, let us hope that the FBI gets him this time.

  17. And because a majority of his constituents did not like the design. I’ll die on the hill that the proposed plan would have made Washington Ave, and surrounding roads, less safe for pedestrians and bikers. It’s a main thoroughfare across the city and should stay that way.

  18. Except every survey of the residents around Washington Ave proves you're wrong. They overwhelmingly supported the OTIS 3 lane plan multiple times. Even the paper survey that was setup to try and rig the results against the safty plan showed overwhelming support for narrowing Washington Ave.

  19. The problem here isn't that they hired thier own security to deter quality of life crimes, it's that they had to do that in the first place because our city government is basically a failing banana republic at this point.

  20. North Philly by temple has allied Barton, I’ve never seen them do anything other than crowd the sidewalks on Cecil

  21. Septa has them on the subway doing literally nothing as well.

  22. Sounds like there are some really shit bi people out there... I'm looking for a LTR with a guy at the moment and have been honest about being bi then getting ghosted. So I guess I have to lie? But I don't want to lie, that's not cool

  23. The infrastructure police are really on every sub aren’t they…

  24. If you build a town so badly that you are unable to walk from house to house for Halloween you've failed at building a town. It's that simple.

  25. The fact trunk or treat is a thing is a testament to how bad we are in the US at building places that people can walk in.

  26. Except he sucks at even doing that, with the Supreme Court of PA chastising him for trying to rewrite laws to go after a policeman accused of murder.

  27. I agree. I mentioned elsewhere I voted Krasner because I do agree with a lot of the things he professes to support, but he's either got no follow-through or is incompetent with a lot of this stuff. I'd much sooner impeach PPD given the chance because they are the real criminals here, but Krasner doesn't really help his own case IMO.

  28. You can't impeach the PPD, you can impeach Kenney and or Outlaw however, and I hope they do. I also hope they call forward the FOP and hold them to account on the record as well and use that to end the state laws that make bringing oversight of police departments practically impossible.

  29. It looks fine, nothing particularly fancy about it but it's not ugly either and blends with the general style of Center City. What's better is its replacing a parking lot.

  30. I’m excited for center city to bloom again, I miss the days of hustle and bustle and energy and life filling the streets…

  31. Shockingly foot traffic is back up to pre covid levels despite office workers still largely having not returned according to the center city district stats.

  32. Not at all, you’re talking to someone who literally used to work in the PPD HQ. You bootlickers have literally no clue

  33. Considering how easy it is today get translation services, makes total sense to expand available languages.

  34. The article's title is misleading as the article itself is talking about the metropolitan area, its not the isolated to the city, and the two examples they point to in the article are both on the Mainline.

  35. Taxes are still super cheap here. 2-3k for a 500k home is cheap.

  36. Are you thinking of the transfer tax? Property tax on a assessed $500,000 property would be $7,000.

  37. They can't handle the truth. The people who took an oath to protect and serve are stealing disability checks and sleeping in squad cars. Firearm arrests down 20% but it's Krasner fault no one is in jail 🥴

  38. Firearm arrests are at all time highs, what are you talking about?

  39. Not shocking, back when I was a kid lots of stores did this all over the city, particularly ones near the schools.

  40. Home Depot, people are used to seeing fights and tears between presumably couples.

  41. I got on a bus to work at like 5am once, and a man who was at the stop with me had kept asking if I was OK and GOT ON THE BUS WITH ME. he sat with me, trapping me by the window, and kept saying he was looking out for me and gonna get me safe to work (I'd said I was going to work hoping for some reason this would put him off). I was frazzled and stressed and thought I'd get off a couple stops early just to escape him but he got off with me and I realized if he followed me to work he'd know where I worked. I went into a small grocery store and tried to pretend I worked there, ha ha, bye, but he wouldn't stop talking to the workers about how I worked there until they were looking at ME like the crazy person and made me leave. I pretended my "husband" had called with an emergency and for an Uber home, which he tried to get into. I got in trouble for being late to work, missed out on hours and productivity, and was terrified.

  42. That's an insane story, sorry that happened to you. I would have called the cops in a situation like that.

  43. Didn't Musk say it was just to undermine the railroad projects?

  44. Yes, his goal was to tank the California high speed rail project so that people would have no alternative to cars or flying.

  45. The old lady keeping tabs is such an underrated safty measure.

  46. Cap it and install massive air purifiers, or remove it completely. Don’t need pollution from cars that are just cutting through the middle of Center City.

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