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  2. these legit be bussin tho

  3. If Bowser has a million bitches, I'm one of them. If Bowser has ten bitches, I'm one of them. If Bowser has one bitch, that's me. If Bowser doesn't have any bitches, that means I'm no longer on Earth. If the world is against Bowser, I'm against the world.

  4. Thanks for the advice friend but I'm way too much of a bottom to ask for things directly

  5. My head translated b&j to blow and job (?)

  6. I'll get the job to buy blow to be able to do more jobs to get mORE blow. Gg

  7. There are (neo)vim plugins for vscode. You could try that if you aren't doing that already.

  8. A number of ppl think smash isn't a fighting game. I'm not going to start an argument over this rn, but saing it isn't (a fighting game) will surely get ppl angry.

  9. Step 1: Tell every single fucking person you meet that you use Linux because there is nothing else interesting about you.

  10. (Wait... you're the person with the fox pfp... right? How's the mc mod doing (^ : )

  11. not working on it currently. i still think i can do it maybe but i keep just rushing into projects and then getting overwhelmed by how much stuff im working on 😭 so right now i just have one main game im trying to make and hopefully i can stay focused! but im sure ill get around to the other stuff eventually!

  12. Yea, focusing on one project is prob. smart + starting a new project without finishing the last is literally the meme haha. Wish you luck c:

  13. About the Documentation: have you found a guide on how to solder the brook board on the pcb and how it works? Because I havn't found it yet.

  14. I didn't buy a brook board so I haven't been looking. If you searched, or asked in the discord they should have that information I assume since they also sell it on their site.

  15. I searched on their site - nothing, but I'll ask in the Discord!

  16. The UI looks like an Electron app. Might be an extension for Brackets or VSCode.

  17. I hate vs code and intelli crap, what can I do?

  18. The most ik about linux are basic bash commands but i wanna switch from windows to arch, doable with enough googling or nah? I just finished first year cs and am still a noob

  19. I think Arco Linux has a learning path or something - try google-ing that.

  20. my favourite smash bros clip is the one where hbox celebrated so hard he fainted

  21. YEEEAAA MOOTHERFFFFFfff.f..f 💤😴🛌

  22. It was a saturday afternoon, and I was exhausted after an intense 17-part masturabation session to dream minecraft manhunt, when i suddenly had the urge to go outside. I was scared. It's been so long since i've left the warmth of my parents basement with my dream body pillows. I didnt know what to expect. Clutching my dream figurine in front of my chest, i pried open the door to the outside world. The gleaming sun blared through the door, bequeathing a brilliant warmth on my cum-covered boxers. I quaverly took a step outside. My body flintched from the strange feel of the dirt under my feet. And then i saw it. The lustrous field of grass, covered in a light sprinkle of water from the noon rain shower. And then i realized. Dream... grass... the trees... it was all coming together. Grass is green, just like Dream. Dream is everpresent, in the grass, the flowers, He was there. I immediately new what to do next. I flinged off my clothes faster than the speed at which i would click on a new dream rule 34 post. My dick was already throbbing as i leaped onto the field of grass, dorito dust stained shirt getting carried away by the wind. I dug a small hole in the ground, and passionately thrust my 7-inch erect cock into it. I knew, this was Dream. His spirit was in this grass, and he felt my dick in his man pussy as i fucked that grass. I lost track how long i was there. Hours went by, day turned to night, but it didnt matter. I was finally together, with Dream. Nothing could separate us. I took a long stem of a flower, and forced it in my asshole. I imagined it being Dream's hot penis being lustfully forced into me in bed. I stayed there on my front yard for god knows how long. Until my butt was sore, balls drier than the Saharan desert after a long drought. The lawn looked like there was a layer of fresh snow on a Christmas morning. Trudging indoors, i had a enormous smile stretching across my face. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, when i may go outside again and be with Dream.

  23. Right but if you're non binary you're not male so thats not gay, i think?

  24. Apparently its not easy to spell easier

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