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  1. Actually most of it comes from Mexico and other countries. Our new open border policy has caused a lot of the problem

  2. Saying so doesn't make it true. Also you're not distinguishing between legal fentanyl and illegal fentanyl so I can tell you don't understand what you're talking about.

  3. I got suspended for saying Trump will burn for his crimes. I made an appeal. They haven't banned me yet but I'm still waiting 🤞

  4. I got banned for quoting trump saying to shoot protestors... he has no business being on Twitter if 8 can't even quote him without getting banned

  5. Just like there is nothing you can do about your hate towards him 😘 he’ll still be your governor he won’t leave bc u talk a little crap don’t matter how much u put out there

  6. To be fair, word salad is the only kind of green allowed at their table.

  7. Yknow there's better ways of arguing than insulting the intelligence of others? Does them being dumber change anything like their right to vote or value as a human? No, not really, that was just hella out of pocket to bring up lmao

  8. It's better to think Republicans are unbelievably stupid, because the other option is that they're just plain evil.

  9. Part of me almost thinks extra stuff was included because they knew Republicans would vote against it, so that they can later go "Hey, Republicans voted against it, now vote for us". It's as smart as it is insidious.

  10. It was a budget bill to keep the government open that they added Ian funding to, because a straight Ian only bill would take weeks and people needed the help now. So not only did they vote against the Ian funding, they voted against funding FEMA, the national guard, and everyone else helping them.

  11. What’s misformama? That’s a terrible name, it makes me think MisInforMamation

  12. 1.4 billion Indians and Chinese (EACH) and you're worried about white southern Baptists?

  13. which is very funny because my best friend growing up was a fundie and she loved nofx for some reason.

  14. A lot of right wing fascists like Rage Against the Machine... like what do you think they're raging against, the dryer?

  15. Same grift as the Huckabee-endorsed Hitler trump youth propaganda. Just pay $1 shipping! (and then $24/mo)

  16. It’s all over the place on TS. Things are really getting desperate it seems.

  17. Like when trump tweeted that the only good Democrat is a dead one? When he cheered his supporters running Biden's bus off the road?

  18. Yeah keep drinking that mainstream media cool aid buddy!

  19. We've got an out-of-control FBI intimidating pro-life activists and parents who challenge local school board meetings. The FBI spends more time harassing everyday conservatives than they ever did investigating any of the violence from BLM or ANTIFA during 2020. The IRS has another 87,000 agents coming in to finish the job that the Obama Administration started in the 2010s of specifically targeting conservatives. Even now,

  20. She never had a snowball’s chance in hell to begin with. She was another smug entitled asshole that thought it was “Her Turn.” Like she was royalty or some shit. (Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry) Any debate or rally where any platform questions were asked she couldn’t even answer because she not only did not know, she had her handlers set up a website she never even bothered to visit herself. She ran a completely shit campaign. She also had the DNC fuck Bernie, which turned off every Democrat voter under the age of 55. Was she wrong about Trump and his asshat hick followers? No. But if you’re going stand behind a podium and try to get voters off the fence, don’t fucking insult them.

  21. Uh.. no. She won the popular vote by 3 million. The degenerates that didn't vote for her wouldn't have voted for her no matter what she said. She knows her shit. Literally the most qualified candidate we've ever had. Fuck off this this revisionist history.

  22. The same thing I call it when the Biden administration put so much pressure on the FDA to approve boosters that the two most senior vaccine regulators quit

  23. That's not even what happened. "A current health official said the pair, Marion Gruber and Philip Krause, left over differences with FDA’s top vaccine official Peter Marks."

  24. About ten people in a country of 330 million are arguing over whether or not something is woke. Get your head out of your ass with comments like that.

  25. He's one of the ten people

  26. People are much more likely to write a bad review than a good one.

  27. MTG woman that talks about family values and church, The same woman that cheated in her husband twice, that MTG?

  28. It wasn't just Matt Gaetz. According to Tristan Snell, "All 16 of Florida’s Republican members of the House voted AGAINST federal disaster relief for Florida yesterday."

  29. And in the senate version Rick Scott voted no and Marco Rubio didn't show up to vote...

  30. What kind of parks? Care to explain how that looks and who would visit them?

  31. Agreed but there is SO much money in the real estate in waterfront communities.

  32. They're going to be underwater (physically, not metaphorically) within 20 years. I dunno who is underwriting these mortgages knowing what we know about climate change and beach erosion but it's insanity.

  33. There's still a few around here in Ottawa. I saw one yesterday, a turbo 2004, that was in absolutely pristine condition. It looked like it could have rolled off of a new car lot. It was dark metallic blue and had these really nice black alloy rims.

  34. I loved my PT too but I apparently am blocking out all the trouble it gave me. I'm not kidding when I say it was the most expensive to maintain car that I've ever owned. I had numerous Pontiacs, and now a Ford Flex that I've owned for years without putting a fraction of the maintenance cost into. Sucks, because PTs are beautiful and fun to drive! Wish they could've made a more reliable version

  35. I've little doubt that one made today would be significantly more reliable. Perhaps we might see a similar vehicle roll along as my generation (millenials) ages into their 40s and 50s and products start reflecting 00s nostalgia.

  36. If they came out with better made PT I'd be all over that. I love the body style. I specifically bought a PT because how it looked but then was overwhelmed by maintenance costs within 6mo. I still remember it fondly and seem to forget why I decided I was done with it lol. While on the other hand, my fiance had a Chevy at the time around the same year as my PT and had ONE issue and I was like "it's a POS!" while my PT had weekly issues that were pretty severe lol. It's all how you remember it :)

  37. PTs are prone to overheating, I believe it's the water pump that causes that issue. Replacing the lock cylinder in the ignition should fix your battery issues. Not sure about the brake light though, personally I had two of mine go out recently, but the pt is approaching twenty years at this point so it's kind of expected.

  38. My PT still had ridiculous overheating issues even after changing water pump and timing belt. Changed the thermostats, fans, wiring to everything... no dice.

  39. As someone who had a PT... avoid it at all costs. I bought one in 2003 for cash for $6k because I didn't want a car payment.. but spent easily $1k a month on repairs. And it only had 50k miles on it. I was left on the side of the road wish a dead vehicle at least 3x. It's not a reliable car and definitely not one I'd have my kids drive. It's cute and fun to drive but NOT worth the hassle.

  40. Do you mind sharing more about your overheating? I'm still trying to diagnose mine. :) Only seems to happen in heavy traffic/ long idle but comes right back down once you get going again. Tried changing the fan, thermostat, and relays but no dice

  41. (Former PT owner here) My PT had a severe overheating issue. Any time the car was stopped for more than a few minutes it would overheat. I tried changing the thermostats, the fans, the wiring to everything... nothing fixed it. To its credit, there was one time I was stuck in crazy traffic and the coolant was literally boiling over the hood... but it still started up the next day.

  42. You can delete accounts while getting banned?

  43. You need to contact them and specifically ask to be deleted, otherwise you're in permanent "read only" mode

  44. Is that the same line as the ban appeal one then?

  45. That's what they want. For you to leave your account in read only so they can count you as an active user for their profits. They won't lose money until the number of accounts drop. Unfortunately, most people don't take the step to delete so they'll continue to ban people with no reprecussions.

  46. Depends. $20k for another couple weeks? Probably not. $50k for several more years? Probably.

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