1. To clear something up: Yes, I know the Ultra-Series came first before EVA franchise. In fact, before I was a fan of EVA, I was already an Ultra-fan. I was just reminded of the A.T. Field while watching the Geronimon episode.

  2. And yes, if you've noticed, the background is from the movie "Interstellar" (all the way back from 2014).

  3. Hm, never really thought about that actually. That's kinda cool

  4. If someone's got the artistic skills, they should try drawing a fanart of Alyx in a Baju Kurung for Raya.

  5. Wanna know what Ultras would look like if they had ACTUALLY been beings of pure light (or energy)? Well, it's probably something like this.

  6. I know about that. It's just that (as I said) watching Doctor Who made me feel interested in time travel so I decided to personally research about it.

  7. So Shin Ultraman is just a giant Miracleman?

  8. Don't get confused by the colors, ShinMan is still gray and red (like OG Man).

  9. The disc-shaped light is a portal from the Planck Brane (in the 6th Dimension) to our 3D Universe (specifically, our planet; Earth and even more specifically, Shinji's location).

  10. I mean, how else could he uncover the true motives of an ET so easily (and so quickly)? He had to be one himself.

  11. No offense but I feel like none of these names encapsulate the "Nature" of Ultraman Noa/Nexus/The Next. After all, Komon did say that Nexus "is a bond" in the final episode of Nexus' series. Plus, Nexus' name (in Latin) literally means "something which binds"/the "act of bonding or binding".

  12. This is basically a scene from Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends. Specifically, the final battle between the Ultras (Zero, Man, Seven, Mebius and the Leo Bros), ZAP SPACY and Belyudra (Belial) taking place in the Kaiju Graveyard.

  13. well, okay. but didn't shin ultraman already pull off the whole "what if ultras are evil" scenario?

  14. So apparently, since every living being has an "Inner Space" (some sort of metaphysical cockpit for their souls). When taking on Hosts, Ultras compress themselves into "Astral Particles" (probably just a fancy term for "soul" or "spirit") and enter the Host's Inner Space.

  15. Ultraseven when Ultrasix comes in

  16. *cuts to that episode where Seven throws his Slugger into Moroboshi's face*

  17. Lol, I'm surprised Seven even does that

  18. I don't exactly remember the episode number (or title). But I think the "Moroboshi" that Seven attacked in that episode was just another alien in disguise.

  19. Y'know, now this actually makes me wonder if Ultras would be capable of kissing or not

  20. I see you haven't watched the first episode of Taro yet. /s

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