1. Fellow grown up who is also as insecure about being the sole adult who now has to be responsible at all times, pleasant to talk with, doesn't really try to deny her bits of childishness very ardently. Has an adorable smile

  2. Plus she’s a little adorably childish at times while still being responsible when needed.

  3. No rule that says we can't have both. Shun is living proof of that

  4. The problem is our smol helper OS is an AI - she has no physical form. It's speculated that she's modeled after the GSC President (affectionately referred to henceforth as "Big Arona"), but she doesn't exist as a person, only Big Arona does.

  5. Uncle Roger approves. Truly the best chef wife.

  6. The timing of Fuuka blushing when Uncle Roger called her the "most beautiful woman on Earth" is amusingly spot on

  7. I feel like in a sense Mika was the embodiment of "Unintentionally Unsympathetic" in Blue Archive so far with how she's treated in-universe. As unsettling as it is to see Trinity's students act immensely antagonistic towards her after what has happened, even I can't really fault them entirely for the behaviour they exhibited towards Mika.


  9. Yostar is the og publisher, nexon just did the kr and global vers

  10. Pretty sure Nexon's the Devs with YoStar being incharge of JP servers

  11. I was expecting a Rush Hour 3 reference and unfortunately got none

  12. Kamen Rider W perhaps. I did think of it being simply the Lost Driver at first, but then I thought about Arona perhaps being the Philip to Sensei's Shotaro... (Plus. "Trigger Memory")

  13. For Ultraman, I would say Ultraman X cause since he regularly talks to his host then he can help Sensei out with tasks or even help Arona from time to time.

  14. Mebius demonstrated (possibly earlier than X did even) that the Ultra-s seem to be able to digitise themselves, so it's possible any Ultra-s can fit in with the technological advanced city of Kivotos

  15. Nope. Only a datamine Google drive folder as far as I'm aware. And even then, it's evidently not up to date given there's several newer students missing from the stash among other things.

  16. As a short-ass person (160cm), I definitely felt this quite a bit. I already at the start of adulthood so I'm definitely staying that height for the rest of my life

  17. Literally Irrelevant, have yet to induct another ninja student as support and same voice actor as Essex.

  18. I think the katana might be a fake, dull one.

  19. Ultraman has a seiho but he is currently the only showa Ultra with a Seiho so I guess Bandai thought it would make sense for the in box collectors to have a Mebius with the same size box as the Showa Ultra Brothers. But that's if they decide to make the Mebius box look like Astra's and the other showa Ultra boxes.

  20. Funnily enough I had little issue with dusts with my Tiga SKC's TPE abdomen. Though admittedly it may had to do with the fact that I always store him carefully back into the packaging any time after I've finished posing him a bit.

  21. Yeah, the Ultra Act did the same thing and it worked pretty well.

  22. Not to mention that SHF Ultraman X made that idea work too long ago. No doubt there'll be little issue when it's applied onto Mebius' as well

  23. The alcohol tolerance part in particular actually baffles me a bit, logically speaking.

  24. Honestly, this is actually wholesome. Seeing the antagonists not being antagonists and Sensei even having fun with them during their downtime

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