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  1. This arena "untrue stereotypes against the whole party", they are specific actions taken by the Republican candidate.

  2. But people in the comments are hating on specifically Reps because of their representatives making mistakes. If I were aware of mistakes made by a person running I wouldn’t vote for them depending on the severity of their mistake. I’ve met people who believe all reps are racist because the political leaders are. Yet the majority of people I’ve met aren’t racist or at least make their racism apparent. I just understand why people hate so much

  3. Lmfao, so not making their racism apparent doesnt make them better than other racists.

  4. By me saying people not making their racism apparent, I mean that I don’t see them making racist remarks when I’m around them, but I don’t follow them around so I can’t be 100% sure if they are racist or not. And when did you assume I voted for a racist person. I’m 17 so I can’t vote yet at all. And also if a party said to the American people “We are a racist party,” people would pretty much cancel them immediately. From my personal experiences what the Republican Party stands for isn’t racist, it’s more of political leaders being stupid, which all parties have stupid representatives. If the Republican Party was racist then they wouldn’t have any people of color supporting them, especially extremely smart and successful ones like Dr. Ben Carson

  5. It’s because of tips. They know you’ll make a good amount of money on average from tips, so they pay you very little. That is within the minimum wage for servers and it is that low due to this fact.

  6. Linguine mech suit? Are you fucking kidding me? Remy has literal control over a human's actions. He could absolutely destroy stuart little without even touching him. What does stuart have, a remote control toy? He could punt that fucker across a baseball field were he controlling the right guy. Not to mention that fact he is controlling someone at all. A rat that has the power to bend the world's top apex predator to its whim. Don't even toy with the fucking thought. Get out of my face with your foolish pasta based Idiocies!

  7. Still amazes me that we were able to domesticate these guys with bones and belly rubs.

  8. They are forced into a pack setting, where they are forced into a very strict system of power with high risk of death their whole life. I think a bit of food and being loved is a nice change of pace.

  9. I know that pain. I work at Deseret Industries, a thrift store, and we devote countless hours to organize things just for them to get screwed up within an hour. It’s so depressing to watch the area look like garbage because of ONE customer just not caring about the organization.

  10. Yeah the left column adds up to the number it says, but not really the right side. It adds up to….. 137,174,205…. (If I did my math right, of course)

  11. Wow. Your friend's sister is a piece of shit.

  12. Well she is a gamer so might be where the lack of social skills are coming from…

  13. I like how r2 is just off in his own corner in the background in like all of the pictures, hoping one day he’ll be noticed.

  14. I applied for a job hanging mirrors. It is something I can see myself doing.

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