1. maybe one of those Japanese corn dogs with the fried potatoes on them

  2. Actually, those corn dogs with the fried potatoes on them were Korean, not Japanese. Plus, they use fish-based sausages rather than pork- or beef-based sausages. They're called gamja hot dogs.

  3. Yeah, hopefully directed towards Mertle Cookie (my idea of a cookie-fied interpretation of Mertle Edmonds), because let's face it, Mertle is a spoiled little brat.

  4. Brazil. I would want the next game to be in Brazil! It would also be a new spin on the You Are Going to Brazil meme amirite?

  5. I played G-Darius HD just now. I am definitely screwed, with all letters in the word capitalized.

  6. I ran the track again. This time, the track pieces loaded properly!

  7. I tried to play it, but the track pieces didn't load properly on my end. Could be my console. I'll try again to see if it loads properly this time...

  8. Xbox One S which came with the digital version of Forza Horizon 4

  9. That's a pretty sweet collection, some returning cars that rock, plus some new faces.

  10. Actually, that's the Valhalla Concept, not the Valkyrie.

  11. I want more racing trucks too, bringing back the iron knight is also a must.

  12. I know some people claimed that the DAF 95 TurboTwin X1 would be in FH4, but that didn't come to pass. I doubt that PG would come to DAF for the licensing to get that truck into FH5, especially since it currently sits as a museum exhibit at the DAF museum in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

  13. I have the Greatest Hits re-release of the game. Got every monkey and Specter Coin in the game. I never really bothered with the time trial challenges.

  14. He must be on trial for impersonating Santa Claus and nearly ruining Christmas

  15. When I was a kid, I thought the cruise missiles from the old Atari arcade classic, Battlezone, were pretty scary with the way that they would sometimes dodge your shots so that they could hit you.

  16. Nintendo's Project Atlantis. It was going to use an ARM 710 RISC CPU running at 25 MHz, and there was going to be a game titled "Mario's Castle" for it, too.

  17. M2 (succesor replacement for 3do).

  18. I second that. I remember a couple of times seeing the FZ-DR21 CD-ROM box (used in the M2 dev kits) on eBay.

  19. I mean...yeah that's kind of the intent

  20. Yeah, cuz it's kind of an example of British satire (Games Workshop is based in the U.K.), when it first came out.

  21. OMG, I didn't think the Steam Deck would be wider than the Wii U Gamepad!

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