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  1. I do all the time and 11-13 yr old kids are pretty fun, now the 6yr Olds are annoying as hell

  2. what kind of idiotic parent buys their kid a quest, I hate those people

  3. bro the 6 year olds cant even use the quest. it’s too heavy for their heads

  4. yo we got that at burger kind in romania, and at taco bell too, I thought everyone had them

  5. virtual desktop worked way better than airlink for me, but I got a cable because the video quality was shit

  6. that's what I'm sayingg, since the door was on the right side of the road and it was going up then it's an upwards slope

  7. This looks like a tunnel for one of those parking garages going downwards or upwards on a slant with the door on the side of the wall

  8. Yes we understand, but how is this person absolutely sure that the door is installed properly? It would make the most sense, and it’s also the most probable. But the point is, you don’t know this for sure… could still be angled door

  9. I took the photo, I tilted my phone to fuck with people and it worked

  10. wonder how many will actually not know this is a sloped road and the camera tilted.

  11. hmm see if on the oculus app the allow unknown sources is turned on

  12. haven't tried b&s but it looks much more fun than gorn was..

  13. maybe he doesn't have a card and wants to buy games using cash, and wants to know if using a prepaid card would work so he could go buy it and not be dissapointed when it doesn't work

  14. he pays real people to become zombies and he shoots them dead in real life

  15. I've used SteamVR's environment editor to recreate my house, though it has quite the learning curve. Valve has a tutorial available here:

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