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  1. Just started Portal 2, god I love Wheathley, I hope he doesn't do anything terrible.

  2. Pretty sure valve has said they couldn't figure out how to do it without making people violently ill.

  3. I don't care it's just a bit of motion sickness

  4. nahh never happens most thst can happen is I'll puke, I'd say gorilla tag for example would give people more motion sickness

  5. Waterproof bearings aside, doesn’t this ruin the grip tape?

  6. you're not a skater if this never happened to you

  7. Mine with gtx 1650 and i5 10300h 16gb 2600mhz runs mc at 190 or 210 fps no shaders, and 80fps with on. But without optifine or sodium I get 75fps no shaders and 30fps with out optifine. Run a bencmark tool not minecraft, because minecraft's optimization sucks so much like shit.

  8. I ran the userbenchmark and it says gaming is at 68% but it doesn't really feel like it, I feel it should be more

  9. It's nice, but put them in alphabetical order if you have those letters on the side

  10. I thought the cat was gonna bite someone or some fucked up thing was gonna happen to the cat💀

  11. if I was to buy a headset right now I'd wait for the pro to release and see how it compares

  12. Thanks! I'll check it out when I next get on.

  13. you're saying it like you didn't even know the base game existed?

  14. tech advanced so much I thought this was a video game

  15. get a corner loose and pull it off carefully going around the laptop, i didn't use anything to pry mine open

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