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  1. Yep, i think another thread has published it now

  2. No they didn't, that was just from a source, not the actual statement.


  4. Old people with massive houses they brought for pennies and being cockwombles, name a more iconic duo...

  5. Hol up that would mean he fought in the Wehrmacht

  6. Urmmm but if it’s it’s communal isn’t it technically property shared by them and others, and so op has a right to put the bike there… plus it’s a bike on a corner ffs, not the contents of op’s attic

  7. It's a communal border to separate the space where they are allowed to park and keep their things, not just an extra bit of parking space for one of them. The border is there for this purpose, to keep their things apart.

  8. price is irrelevant because only Russia makes them. so every one fired will not be replenished. and Ukraine lost 32 launchers in Crimea when Russian annexed it in 2014, at which point they were only operating a handfull of active maintained systems. But after that they started restoring their roughly 100 stored systems remaining in the country.

  9. I always maintained the belief the maintaining the Sevierodonetsk-Lysichansk salient wasn’t worth it. For all we know Russians just spent the last month shelling and doing limited attacks on a Ukr force that is out gunned, out numbered and at this point possibly suffering from low morale. They threw in the odd TDF battalion or Foreign Legion battalion after their Eastern military zone suffered considerably in the opening phases of the Donbass offensives.

  10. I like how you literally state several times you have no way of knowing what's really going on before proceeding to say that the Ukrainian's definitely fucked up and should have done your armchair general plan instead.

  11. And honestly, it’s fine. I don’t want a 25 year old surgeon (other than just watching and learning) nor do I want a 80 year old (other than consulting there). People need to learn to accept their age again. I get the ageism claim when people in their 45 or 50 are being passed on office jobs, but age does matter at some point.

  12. Glorious Ukrainian free speech medias are reporting a tactical withdrawal of the upmost orderly fashion from completely useless and defenceless positions in Kherson region in order to set a trap for incoming RuSSian invaders.

  13. Is anyone else very much concerned by how Ukranians are treating the west? I keep reading articles about US knowing more about what russia is doing than what ukraine is doing with our stuff. We all read the 60-100 ukrainian soldiers dead per day claims, maybe I'm just jaded but I don't believe a word either side is claiming. One is doing the woe-me-gimme-more , the other is inflating victories for home propaganda, it's all horseshit.

  14. Is Kenn Hijal part of another sector?

  15. Yes, I think this is it. Annoying but at least it makes sense now, thanks!

  16. A lot of questions could be answered here if you turned on the sectors in the galaxy map.

  17. Not even a convincing fake, you would have to be retarded to fall for this.

  18. There are tools that do this for you. Don't be mad that they were exposed as a shithead. Just don't be a shithead and you'll be OK.

  19. yes he did. if you provide a counter argument, provide foundations for your claim. basic debate class 101.

  20. I've probably read more articles in the past 3 hours than you this week mate.

  21. The US predicted it, but this war is somehow completely "unprovoked."

  22. How is US intelligence finding out about the invasion plan somehow proof it was not unprovoked?

  23. After seeing how Australia has handled COVID and the housing crunch, they've proven that nightmarish distopias are possible without the guns.

  24. It was pretty surreal that time when the police used what was clearly excessive force on an old lady and redditors literally cheered it because she was an antivaxxer.

  25. Lol half your comments are talking about how you hate the west, the other half are you being absolutely obsessed with western media and culture.

  26. There are some rumors out there that the Ukrainians have recaptured Snihurivka in Mykolaiv Oblast.

  27. a lot of that was selling warehouses full of combloc surplus, not active industrial production.

  28. Lol, what a load of shit. They maintained the 11th largest global exports 3 decades after independence through old warehouse storage? How big are these warehouses?

  29. You correct only if you talking about things several months ago. If you change UK for France in your list, than it would be correct now.

  30. I see a lot of combat videos, might not be there but havent seen nobody laughing like this dumbass when somebody gets killed (unless its your enemy which wasnt the case). The difference is that some people take it like a video game, thats why they cry when videogame is too real and start to hurt.

  31. I don't have access to a pair of gloves that are in regulation at work, and I don't get paid until the 9th. Oh well! Guess I'll just have to make sure it's clean so it doesn't get infected. That would be horrific.

  32. Where are you? I would imagine most western countries would make it a legal requirement for your employer to provide protective equipment.

  33. For tank sized shells sure, a space torpedo is as big as a skyscraper in warhammer 40k, the munition of a macro cannon is probably may thousand of tons.

  34. But that doesn't make the technology needed any different, it just needs to be bigger. Just very difficult to suspend disbelief when they're flying around in a spaceship.

  35. I think it's always funny when English people say that without Churchill they'd be ruled by Germans when they actually are ruled by Germans already.

  36. I like how as soon as the royal family comes up Reddit goes full on nazi style blood purity like you can never be American if your great grandad was Mexican or something.

  37. Looks like calling others “Russian shills” is the new defence mechanism against facing facts and reality…

  38. Great, a comment crying about other comments that are crying about comments.

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