AITA for wanting my adult step-daughter (18) to move out?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. For its followers, it does teach a moral code, as most religions do. That’s a simple fact. The 10 Commandments, for example. You can disagree with aspects of it, but it does in fact teach a moral code. You don’t have to follow it, even to “go to Heaven” (my opinion), but it’s factually incorrect to say it doesn’t teach a moral code. The morality of that code is indeed subjective.

  2. I didn't say religion doesn't teach a set of morality. I said it doesn't dictate it nor does is it necessary to teach a set of morals. You are taking issue with things I am not saying.

  3. Dictating in an objective way what's right and wrong. Which is an impossibility. People don't have objective moral standards.

  4. I'm sure it's just from workouts. Definitely nothing else happening there.

  5. For stigmatizing religious minorities altogether, yes you are.

  6. He makes plans without you and you think he's hiding something from you? Cause it is perfectly believable he just didn't tell you yet.

  7. I don't think this is the right subreddit for this question. It's not really a concrete scenario. Plus, this is not a free speech issue.

  8. Because his boyfriend pushed him, although he disputes the circumstances surrounding it. They share a washroom, it's blood in the trash can, periods are natural. And women have long hair, you're going to see it.

  9. Not tolerated? If he wasn't hurt and doesn't actually consider it a problem then your one concern about him is not legitimate. And you do owe him an apology because you're making him feel unwelcome in his own home and that isn't something that's okay.

  10. I have nothing to add other than your dad is a complete moron for saying that.

  11. Your options are to kick her out and destroy you family or get over yourself. No person with at least half a brain thinks they kick people out of their home and expect to have a meaningful relationship with them, so what exactly does that say about you?

  12. How did you make the ganache? These look perfect btw

  13. I ran about 2 cups of raspberries through a sieve and measured 100 ml of the strained juice. Then I added that to 300 grams of milk chocolate and melted it together.

  14. There is nothing wrong with what you want to do. You're the one graduating not them. The way you celebrate it should be up to you. Your parents are being selfish and manipulative.

  15. Beautiful! But the chaos of this photo gives me anxiety.

  16. If I'm being honest this container is meant for cupcakes.

  17. I wouldn’t say “woke” but it’s very current era with all the crappy dyed highlights and lipstick. Her design definitely clashed with the designs the game has gone with so far. It’s like if they superimposed a cyberpunk character into Indiana Jones or something.

  18. This entry into the series does appear to have a sci-fi element to it, though.

  19. Which is why a lot of people think the character design is out of place.

  20. I really don't see how it's out of place for that.

  21. Thank you, and so am I. Finally, I know how to bake these things without the majority of them cracking.

  22. I might be a bit late to say this, but don't let you either of your parents talk you into feeling bad. Parents can very easily be emotional manipulative but no amount of that will make them any less wrong.

  23. Put a sheet tray on the rack closest to your heat source, usually the bottom. This distributes heat more evenly.

  24. Does that effect the temperature or cooking time at all?

  25. So long as there aren't any of those wonky instant death quick time events like in the first game I won't care.

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