1. As a dota2 player I really suggest Singsing’s variety gameplays he has a YT channel as well

  2. Pretty simple actually just need to bind the unit to a key and then double tap it to center on the unit

  3. I’m pretty sure the nier 2B set was the most voted one but valve was worried if they get into trouble for adding that without getting permission so they just added the easier option

  4. Can we report this valve employee’s 420th account already?

  5. 16 is common honestly if u open most of the tusk chests 4/5 of my friend got it. The really rare one is that f 32 lvls I haven’t seen it more than once

  6. I'm glad to see no one has mentioned Flicker. It's my secret weapon against late game Nullifier, and it's free!

  7. You say flicker meanwhile OP literally said PA jumping on him lol how u gonna flicker a instant PA blink with flicker obviously if PA throws dagger first u might have a chance but other than that before u press flicker u are dead. But I guess that’s still an option

  8. The whole concept of nulifier is being a shit stat-wise item but with a good active that enables u to kill heroes you can’t. I don’t think nulifier needs a nerf or smt it’s a lategame item that most carries don’t even wanna buy in their 6 slot unless they have to. As a support you just need to have an innate ability to escape or pretty much u gonna die to a bkb carry jumping on u with nulifier everytime(as u said not counting linken but even linken is mostlikely not an item a support can buy). Also don’t forget that force staff glimmr eul all these items gonna save you and your teammates for at least 30 min and by the time enemy carry has his nulifier they already had their value and now it’s mostly your carries job to trade kills while enemy spends his bkb on a support.

  9. Qupe was playing pro in eu div1 last season

  10. That chen guy. Idk his name but you know who I'm talking about.

  11. Do u mean Snithi remember him from old waga and singsing streams

  12. As a grandmaster tier TA player I confirm that this post is cursed plz look away. Also no damage block stacks with refraction making crimson, raindrops, Abadon shield and… very inefficient. Also TA’s tankyness is not in her items it’s all in her refraction and picking the hero into right enemies which can’t break through refraction.

  13. Surely my 31st reroll will be an arcana or 25 battle pass lvls Clueless

  14. Doing all of it costs a lot of time but if u do you can almost get 50 lvls from cavern and around 50 lvls from normal quests. Tusk chests give random rewards from 1-32 lvls if u get lucky I personally got two lvl 8s and 1 lvl16 already. And each week u can win 2 lvls if u play enough games. So overall around 150 lvls.

  15. That isn’t in game chat I’m pretty sure but I can be wrong. That should be the steam and friends list chat so u don’t receive anonymous messages.

  16. Meanwhile I didn’t even get a single 5k lvl after rerolling 30 times

  17. There is an option in advanced setting if u uncheck it you will stop feeding your problem solved

  18. Mountain top and snowfields….the beginning of haligtree was absolutely the worst though. Fuck those trumpet bubbles fuck those ants.

  19. I agree with snowfields but mountaintop of giants was a very decent area. It had less things to explore but the atmosphere was really cool the death blighted giants and fire giant fight were really good

  20. Consecrated snowfields was pretty boring for me both bcaz I don’t really like snow biomes in video games and also there was really not much to it other than a passageway to Haligtree. The only good thing about it was a few good loots

  21. If it actually did give 14 stacks and wasn’t just a visual bug then you would have a permanent Enraged ursa cosplaying as visage

  22. That would be so fucking broken. Even if it was 8 stacks at 10% I think that would still be really good.

  23. You say that while a few patches ago that talent actually existed and even the damage reduction would go over 80% but now it doesn’t

  24. Low budget Lava to blood freeze blackhole wand

  25. Just play Zeus or tinker no need to make it complicated. Venomancer and AA can also work but not reliably.

  26. I hate the fact that dragon lance is now made of belt of strength. Not only it was a nerf to buying it’s components in laning phase also you can mess it up and get str treads if u send belt of str and band of elvenskin together when you bought treads. Happened to me twice on TA

  27. Disaster.. They should make it so you can change your treads between stats or something.

  28. Yea man I love having a band of elvenskin leftover to build manta on TA

  29. I don’t think you can ever pass gun fort even with Gachin sugar

  30. I started playing heroes based on alphabet and I got so flamed when I reached to Arc then I decided that’s probably not a good idea. So I started watching a few YT clips and found some players that were friendly in my games and I add them and they taught me a few things and then I was on my own u just need to pass the start that’s actually the hard part for sure

  31. I have 6 with tidehunter 3 in lava cavern and 3 in snow cavern

  32. Yea I noticed that before for Mars Sadge

  33. Is blackflag ac4? If yes then that game was the best game I played on my Xbox 360 when I was a kid

  34. It is. The full name is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, so the only mainline game to be both numeral and titled.

  35. I remember having so much fun while having no clue what the story was and what happened at the ending 😅

  36. It just gives/removes something like a star worth of mmr per win/loss. So, if you are at a 50% winrate, expected result is 5-5 and you won't be getting anthing out of it. My suggestion is only doing it if you manage to get ~60% winrate on your last 20~30 games. Say you get 6-4 on calibration, you'll be up 2 stars.

  37. No way man wins in recalibration is pretty much like double downs not +100 mmr

  38. Don’t get your hopes high is best tip. Even with 1-2 losses you probably end up in same

  39. Depending on ult lvls stuns and debuffs stay longer except spells which have fixed duration like Blackhole

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