1. Because Reddit admins will see that as proof that we are a group of extreme right wing racist militia fascists giving orders to hunt down and kill this random peace loving non-bigoted Leftist and use it to shut down the sub.

  2. I haven’t been to a movie since 2015 when they shit the new Star Wars out. Saw that first one, said fuck this, rolled my shit up and left.

  3. For the wrongs the Britt’s committed against the colonists.

  4. And for the wrongs they committed against food

  5. Is he seriously thanking him for adding this? What a fucktard.

  6. I usually agree with what he says, but he seems like a really big Elon fanboy.

  7. He's the problem. He wouldn't agree if someone on the left said the exact same thing. I'm tired of these cuckservative tweet lords.

  8. Wait. I got downvoted into oblivion and banned for saying this last year.

  9. Looked it up and Sweden has the lowest Co2 per capita in the EU

  10. People created a monster by giving this child attention when she should have been ignored and forgotten.

  11. She's on the payroll of Schwab and the WEF. The attention is artificially propped up.

  12. That's...yes! You can make fun of him for his spray tans and weird hair! Nobody is going to call you something-ist or try to have you fired from your job for it, because our side believes in free speech.

  13. Like we make fun of Trump all the time. How he looks like and how he conducts himself, especially in memes.

  14. Trump banned him from Mar-A-Lago after Jeffrey hit on a members teenage daughter. He found out who he was then.

  15. Olive oil is good too, literally some of the best stuff out there.

  16. Just don't buy the fake Italian crap produced by the mafia. It's canola oil with bitterness added in.

  17. Those populations don't exist anymore. Especially in America. Arms should've been taken up 2 years ago. Instead the general public got cucked, took it to the face, and now governments are doing whatever the fuck they want as a result. I'll still be hearing "just wait and see what an armed population can do" when we're all being issued vax passports and ID cards. 🙄

  18. From what I've seen, the unarmed people of the world have been fighting harder for their freedom than Americans have.

  19. There are those containment camps set up in canada. A year or so back I came across an add from the BC province for applications to workers in the containment units. Nothing was on the news but secretly in the backgrounds evidence is showing up.

  20. This is such a big tell at how bad they are failing. Sort of thing you would give kids at little School

  21. I changed the flair to 'Desperate Democrats'

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