1. It was incredibly profitable and the US wouldn't be where it is without the exploitation and suffering of slaves. The cotton trade was what allowed the US to get the resources it needed to develop, and due to slavery the US was the leading producer. You guys don't learn this stuff in school??

  2. The cotton trade actually left the south quite underdeveloped and poor in comparison to the free north which industrialized properly in large part thanks to its emphasis on wage labor.

  3. Only after some time, right? Basing a region on a single product is a huge mistake, but there's a lot of money to be made from it at first.

  4. Absolutely, there was definitely a southern aristocracy that got very wealthy off of slaves. I just don’t want people getting the wrong idea and thinking that slavery is an efficient system. It’s not just the slaves that benefitted from being freed, everyone is better off when slavery is abolished. The slaves-turned-free men get richer, the free working classes and middle class get richer, heck even the rich get richer. Slavery isn’t just immoral, it’s self-defeating and inefficient.

  5. But how about you try the gun problem for once. Just a lil bit as an experiment. Or idk im an eurotard after all

  6. We actually did, passed an assault weapons ban and everything. Didn’t work.

  7. Any time someone says it all the Americans downvote them.

  8. Europeans rely on Americans to liberate them if they’re subjugated by an authoritarian government. Americans have no one but themselves that they can hope to liberate them if such a thing were to happen to the USA.

  9. I certainly do not wish to live there. Winters would be very long, and the lack of light would really get to me in the long run. Those countries have very high rate of depression and suicide. You don't want to live in places where the air hurts your face.

  10. Finland was rated as the happiest place on Earth. Also, if the only issues they have are the weather, which they have no control over, the question still remains on how they managed to become so utopian compared to everyone else.

  11. the key to success is a small population. They have a small population.

  12. There are plenty of nations with even smaller populations that are much poorer, more destitute, less developed, and far more unstable.

  13. Is that really the best answer? Armed fucking guards in schools? Do you not see how terribly dystopian that is? If that doesn't work, what are you going to do? Build moats and drawbridges around schools? Install sniper towers and metal doors?

  14. Authrights whole schtick is that things are never perfect now, only in the past. Go back 500 years and you’ll have some peasant complaining about how things were better in the olden days.

  15. The only people who think Russia is being embarrassed are the ones who are drinking the koolaid of western propaganda.

  16. Ukraine is literally occupying Russian territory right now, this is like if the USA invaded fucking Mexico and Mexico pushed into American territory.

  17. Every time one of these shootings happens, there's talk about how "this guy slipped through" because the law wasn't enforced, or it wasn't enforced properly, or it had a loophole that got a gun into the hands of a (soon-to-be) violent murderer.

  18. Marx can suck my dick. The proletariat should be safe before anything else.

  19. CBT can be a lot of fun if you’re into that sort of thing but I don’t think anyone was recommending it as a form of therapy.

  20. Also, in reply to “men are profiled in a manner that would be considered intolerable in any other context”

  21. There’s a couple racial minorities that would strongly disagree with you that being profiled as dangerous “does no harm”

  22. Because some of them think they are white, and are protected from racism and it's effects.

  23. Because they think they are going to get the Irish/Italian treatment.

  24. They’re already halfway through the process of being fully integrated considering on the checkboxes “Hispanic” is a separate option that’s added to “white/Asian/black”.

  25. I’d say libright wants to be left alone, rather than be alone.

  26. Police unions don’t even typically protect all of the police, they only protect the lower ranking police. Think of it like a union to protect Enlisted and NCO’s in the military, but not the officers.

  27. Maybe because they act more like babies than people? Listen to what mommy says instead of, I don’t know, using critical thinking?

  28. I mean you can do that if you want, but the strategy of calling people stupid obviously doesn’t work for winning them over.

  29. Calling them stupid, no, but treating them as stupid, absolutely. It’s like getting on your knees to talk to a child. The politically savvy can’t just talk down to the kid about policies they don’t understand; otherwise, the kid will just do whatever their mommy says. That’s why they infantilize the uneducated, to get on their level and talk about things in a perspective they understand.

  30. And then they recognize how you’re treating them, and they stop voting for you. If you have one person treating a group of people with respect and another person treating a group of people as idiotic children, those people will generally gravitate towards the former person.

  31. This is literally part of their whole thing, they feel they’re being “replaced.”

  32. They are being replaced, but nothing they do is going to stop it.

  33. Religion. I think it will slowly go obsolete as we start to recognise gender equality and equal rights for the lgbt community. Unfortunately, I don't think it will die out completely but I imagine it will be far less important.

  34. People of color are starting to get over the woke on TV

  35. First, they'll negate the power of your vote, making weighted voting and social credit a thing. They'll also grant corporations the right to vote and the bigger the corp, the more their vote counts. Don't think they're not fully aware of what a minority status will cost them. They'll kill it in the crib.

  36. Corporations tend to be pretty liberal, I can’t really see how this would work out for conservatives.

  37. if the politicians in a country are not white, the wealthy people are not white, the majority of land owners are not white, then it does not "belong to white people"

  38. Foreign corporations owned by white peoples still suck out the wealth of those nations to this day.

  39. Pretty much. Even if the majority isn’t white in an area, they still live under the legacy of white colonialism. You can go pretty much anywhere in the world as a white man and be treated better than the locals.

  40. Why would they feel that way when they’re the most privileged people in America?

  41. Men in particular are prone to manifesting social disaffectedness in adversarial avenues. There is no great difference between the militant alt right and inner city gang culture, other than level of organization.

  42. Why is that? The youth are usually much more liberal so why are we seeing decreased acceptance? Poor education and indoctrination from religion and their parents?

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