1. Sooo.. we can win the 2026 ?! I'm C.U.M.ming!

  2. I'd expect RB and maybe Williams to be just liveries on mule cars.

  3. Haas literally just posted a digital render of their car last year out of nowhere, can't get better than that

  4. If you find Jerry, you have also found the goats

  5. Its only like €2, so you could buy it and possibly sell it as a vintage item somewhere for more. Or just keep it

  6. Frietsaus natuurlijk. Oliehoorn of Remia

  7. Off-topic posts are allowed, and the main sub for F2 and other feeder series is

  8. Which 9 are that? I don't really follow F3 so I don't know much about the new drivers

  9. Maloney, Hadjar, Pourchaire, Doohan, Bearman, Hauger, Iwasa, Fittipaldi, Martins and don't rule out Vesti. Absolutely loaded grid, I'm praying for a title fight between more than 5 drivers

  10. Well, unfortunately for Arthur, Vesti got that second Prema seat.

  11. Arthur isn't that good, so I can really see why Prema took Vesti over him. Vesti is more experienced, and if Prema can bring him to the title or into the top 3, F1 is a possibility

  12. Says how many decades have you been alive during? Born in late 2000’s 1 2010’s 2 It’s 2023 3 3 decades

  13. I had my first account at 12, so yeah they don't really enforce the rule

  14. Very shocking to see no F3 Carlin drive for Joel. No money I'm assuming. This makes Hadrien David or Arias Deukmedijan more likely to step up to F3.

  15. David will probably be in endurance racing, but this is an opportunity for him. Deukmedjian has wayy more money though

  16. Great food tip for people visiting the Netherlands!

  17. Ik right? People forget about non-verbal autistic people who'll likely never get a chance to express themselves and live independently, they think everyone is high-functioning.

  18. Tiktok influence sucks, autism is a very bad thing for most. The ones you see on tiktok are the only ones who are even able to use it. I have a 12 year old nephew with severe autism, he can't talk and still smears his shit on the walls. I rarely see him because he can't handle more people near him than his parents and sister. He has help in a child care center but it doesn't really help. Autism sucks

  19. One of those ARTs will definitely be Martins, second MP probably Daruvala. Other ART seat will probably be Pourchaire

  20. God damn I really don't want to see Daruvala again in F2, he needs to grow and join something like formula E or try and get a seat at IndyCar, Jake Hughes shows what a driver who maybe was overlooked could do, there are just so many options elsewhere but he simply isn't good enough to be in Formula 1 or in my opinion, waste time and space in F2

  21. He has a reserve role at Mahindra in FE, so hope he can go there once. Frijns is currently injured, even though he doesn't drive for Mahindra, Daruvala could fill in for him at the next race

  22. Tuukka Taponen, Alex Dunne, Arvid Lindblad and Uguchukwu are the first that come to mind with me

  23. They've got 2 of the favourites for the F3 title battle in their academy now , I don't get having Chadwick or Nissany around still.

  24. Nissany has cash and Chadwick probably gives good marketing as a woman, showing that Williams wants more chances for women in F1 or something, and cash probably

  25. Youre allowed to drop maths in the netherlands? You cant in germany, thats my biggest problem right now :D

  26. You can only drop it with one certain profile and only on VMBO (pre-vocational education) and HAVO (senior education). On VWO (pre-university) it will always be mandatory. There are 3 different types of math though, but only 2 of the 4 profiles allow you to choose between A, B or C. D also exists but only if you're a nerd who is amazing at maths. Nobody in my year group had it in high school

  27. At my school it wasn't with C&M, I guess schools can choose if its mandatory or not

  28. He wasn't even doing bad at all returning from his illness, what a waste it is that he's being dropped

  29. Attack of the Killer Queen from Deltarune

  30. Sarah kan niet terugkomen, ik zou dat best oneerlijk vinden. Ook met punten in de app en zo

  31. Yeah true. Besides, its not like Juri was going anywhere, I doubt he would have made it to F1.

  32. He got incredibly unlucky in the beginning of the season, because of Hitech fucking him over and engine issues, and then he had his gamer moment which really hurt his momentum. He could've been in the championship fight and near an F1 seat, that 1 FP1 he did proves that Red Bull had big plans for him

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