1. Built my own 2011 for less than a prodigy. I’d go with the staccato for 99% of people though.

  2. there was a span of time, 1.5 to 2 weeks, that both Carol and Nathan were pulled off eform 1's entirely and were doing eform 4s. It didn't appear that ANYONE was actively working eform 1s at that time, so now the times that WERE like 2-3 weeks back in December are like 4-5 weeks now...

  3. Yeah I remember, I fucked up and thought it said 12/28/21 so I though it was over a year lol.

  4. where are you getting a precision turbo for $1100? set of 1000cc isnt that expensive nor is a pump

  5. If you’re not aware, I’m rounding up a bit so I don’t cheap on him, first place I googled for a precision 6266 journal bearing is here

  6. I’ve built two nopi award winners, and multiple other award winning cars that weren’t Toyotas. I’ve built some sloppy ass chevy’s.

  7. Basically what everyone says, when I built mine I took my time and hand filed/sanded and fitted everything. It takes ALOT of time, I’d recommend 95% of people to just buy one unless you’re handy and have a lot of specialty tools.

  8. THE 2 IN THE PHOTO ARE NOT TOGETHER, the caption fucked them over fr. While I’m still typing this out and I just realized who they was, is the new series any good?

  9. Is the plot ripped straight from the game or they doing like a new take?

  10. It follows some, from what I read basically dude that made the game wanted to explain some things more in depth and has. I think the next episode will really get things moving.

  11. You’ll notice there are a lot more people now than their were centuries ago… it’s not from Nothing.

  12. I figured cause I’m like dude this is fatter than the others and it doesn’t have that indent. I’m irritated kinda because I ordered it with 2-day shipping on 1/29 and this shit JUST got here today. It was in Puerto Rico for like 3 days when I live in TN. I’m calling them tomorrow

  13. I’d remind them I paid for shipping too, I’m in TN also, they usually have great shipping times and good customer service!

  14. Steele industries walked me through my tube selection as well!

  15. Anyone know how long it takes to receive the submission email with the cleo/fingerprint info on it?

  16. Some of mine took 15 min, 2 took a few hours, one took 16hrs.

  17. I don’t know why this said this. I typed “second dibs”.

  18. I’ve not had to use the kns piston with any of my ak’s and the wolverine, I have after the fact put some of them in to reduce pressure though, they really do make a difference, some of them shoot significantly softer.

  19. I'm starting to wonder if they come pre-struck at this point. I ran out of my shop after the 2nd one, in case they kept multiplying

  20. Lol, those really are awesome cans, this shit can literally happen to anyone with any can!

  21. Tbf, this doesn’t seem to be a fault with the can itself unlike some other strikes we’ve seen.

  22. Definitely not the fault of the can. That gunsmiff is fired.

  23. I agree, it’s not the can but I was poking fun at the shit people say about deadair cans when someone says “I got a baffle strike, but I found out the can was loose cause I didn’t tighten it all the way” and then commenters say it’s dead airs fault.

  24. I agree, but I’ve seen shit worse than this with deadair cans that people blame the can for lol.

  25. I have one? It’s great on my pcc stuff. Definitely Not the worst choice!

  26. I’ve come so close so many times. Had I not just bought nods and a new ap5-p I’d be buying one now.

  27. I run a x300v in ir mode most of the time mounted on my helmet.

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