1. I hate the nipple on the Seamaster. AT all day.

  2. 1941 Zenith Tank Sector dial | $425 – is a beautiful piece in excellent condition. I want to sell it for what I paid for it to give someone a change to wear this piece of art more frequently than I do. This watch keep great time for it’s age and is it excellent shape for being 82 years old!

  3. It’s a 2-pronged issue, and the culprit is moreso that the value of each of your individual dollars has been been decreased by our federal government’s money printing via The Fed. Companies, particularly non essential luxury goods companies, understand this, and they need more of your dollars to make the margins they want to make.

  4. Inflation has not been 50% in 3 years at all. This is just the excuse corporations have been using to jack prices. Total BS

  5. Ok, how much has our national Debt increased over the last 4 years if you want to look at it through a different lens?

  6. Tudor prince date 2 tone. Solid 18k gold, not plated.

  7. Could only find the 22m ladies version under 1k Probably a bit small for my worst haha

  8. Yep but it’s better to spend a little more and get solid 18k gold, instead of gold plated which will eventually look crappy. The 34 mm is a perfect size. Look used and I bet you’ll find close to 1200-1300

  9. Can you throw a few more pictures in? Curious how the yellow crown looks and the clasp on the bracelet

  10. Looks like it’s from another era, and not in a good way

  11. Whenever I see someone with a Rolex, I think to myself they either wear a fake watch trying to impress strangers or did actually spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to impress strangers. And I don't even know which one is more sad.

  12. Have to be fair though. Your point is taken, but Rolex’s are so gd liquid that you’re not out the tens of thousands. It’s all relative. I’ve been waiting for the bubble to pop but it’s not cooperating.

  13. LMAO this guy goes GREY MARKET 😂😂😂😂 I buy the INVICTA PRO-DIVER from my INVICTA AD for the RETAIL PRICE of $169 because i'm not a BROKEY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

  14. Well…isn’t retail like $1800 but it’s 94% off? If you had balls, you’d buy that Pro Diver at FULL RETAIL

  15. If Costco is going to sell that watch, shouldn’t it be at a large discount?

  16. admit it though, you wouldn’t turn away any of them

  17. I love the 34mm Tudor Prince. I hate the new Glamour line. There are still quite a few NOS princes from Hong Kong out there. Solid 18k gold bezel, center links and crown. Incredible value.

  18. It’s fine but nothing special. A quartz fashion watch by Movado

  19. Bracelets can be well made or cheaply made. They can be gold, steel and lots of things in between. They can be solid link, folded link or hollow link. High polish, no polish, etc. Hold a high quality bracelet in one hand and a cheap one in the other and you’ll answer your own question.

  20. An underrated Chronograph rarely seen in the wild. 42mm. Valjoux 7753. Thoughts? I’m sure it’s inspired by the Daytona like many Chronographs are, but unique in its own right.

  21. Just fyi this is a Prince Date, which is not the same as Prince Oysterdate

  22. It’s not complete yet, you need a Tank. It’d be the right thing to do.

  23. Would have to replace the Reverso as they fill the same slot/need for me. Will consider it

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