1. Grats on Infinite.. looks like a pretty good list.. Psylocke only for the early Sera I guess??

  2. Thanks bud! I use Psylocke to drop Wong on t3 also, so that I can check if my opponent plays any Cosmo/Enchantress and punish in late game with Sera + Silver Surfer. Bishop as good as it is, he doesn't get pumped up a lot since the max cards you're going to play are 4/5/6 during the game, that's why I suggested Brood and Maximus: they will both pump up the location more then Bishop could do.

  3. In my games Bishop has been at least 5 or 6 power at the very least, which trumps Deathstroke.. ofcourse Maximus and Brood are better, dont have Brood though..

  4. I'll definitely try It! Thanks man

  5. Patriot Deck. Include Debrii. Look out for Ultron.

  6. Isn't Mystique necessary for that deck too?

  7. No. It's a notable improvement, but she isn't 'necessary.' You can run Debrii, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, Blue Marvel, Cosmo to shield Patriot, Onslaught, and all the powerless cards. It's nowhere near as good without Ultron to steal games on 6, but it's very consistent. You can also include Ka-zar for those games you fail to draw Patriot. Again, though, worse without Ultron.

  8. Nice, thanks for the advice!

  9. That destroy deck deaths domain push is nice.

  10. Yes, this deck is getting a huge buff from the hot location. I built this yesterday and it was performing really well even without death's domain

  11. Well he's at pool 2's collection level so he'd be playing against pool 2 players. He's quite far from pool 3 in which he'd start playing against some pool 3 cards.

  12. Yeah, I can't wait to get my ass smacked when I'll enter pool 3. Still I really want those pool 3 cards so that I can try some fun stuff to play

  13. Take out Ironman for Jessica jones or white witch

  14. Thanks for the advice! I totally missed White Queen's ability while making this deck, she will surely synergize very well!

  15. Your biggest play is moon girl 4 Dino 5 and 6 so in reality you want a 4 cost tech card or a 5 cost that gives you more cards in case you miss moon girl that’s my thought process.

  16. You're right! It also happens that I can't get out my combo, so a card like White Queen that copies the strongest card in my opponent's hand will definitely help a lot in that matches

  17. Still a good choice. Personally I think it all depends on the stars on the characters you have: Mirai Gohan, USV, Ultra Broly, Piccolo and Revival Gohan are all optimal units to run with Beast and Pan, just the more stars you have on one of those characters, the better the team will be

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