1. Good for more calories, but the ratio of the contents is off for me.

  2. IMO, the ratio of bun to meat in a single cheeseburger isn't great for me.. just too much bun. A double hits the spot much better. With extra pickles though.

  3. i doubt that there is one method but let me offer myself up for potential ridicule and exile:

  4. Did you forget to stir the teabag in the mug? I find the tea won't diffuse properly without it.

  5. I am registered disabled too and I wasn't being cocky.

  6. I too read your post and thought it was about being outside of the delivery zones for various apps, or the 3 mile limits some take-aways set.

  7. But spices are good. Spices make food taste good.

  8. Not really sure I’d call it awkward. That old lady basically asked the quiet questions that sometimes occur for Caucasians with non British names, or POC.

  9. I asked a guy at work with an unsual name and an accent if he was Dutch. Turns out he was South African/Dutch.

  10. Counterpoint: Iron man. Arguably, a superhero. All his 'powers' are technically derived.

  11. Is this a gameshow, an interested person or an 83-year old friend of the Royals asking?

  12. Same reasonable rational response if it was an elderly friend of the UK's royal family asking?

  13. I've actually faced a slight inqusition like this.. by my Rabbi when I was about to marry my wife - he wanted to know a lot about the background of my surname.

  14. Personally, if It's 24+8 bank holidays, I'd consider it a bit low. I've never had less than 25+8, the most I've had is 32+8.

  15. Just don't let him chase them, else that'll be an expensive vet bill (or worse).

  16. His recall is terrible (we adopted him when he was 4) so we keep him leashed everywhere he goes.

  17. My latest one.. My son's football team is full of affluent parents. We played a team from a relatively poor area of London this weekend. Only a few parents showed up to support them.

  18. Actually I find immigrants and potential immigrants mind more.

  19. That's because fiction is not real. Much like there's an entire syndrome named after disapointment people feel when they get to Paris (

  20. For those that haven't read - this doesn't effect users of Sky Q - probably since the recording is on your hard disk, there's little they could do about users fast forwarding.

  21. I'm still trying to understand how following a certain middle-Eastern religion is seen as "British".

  22. Well, Christianity was introduced in the 7th century to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.. then a THOUSAND years later, in 1707, the term British came into use when we became the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

  23. I moved into my first houseshare, and my (british) housemate (who I barely knew) asked me within minutes what I did for a living and how much I earned.

  24. That's not to say you can't buy them there. My relatives in the USA just fill up the water they need and wait.

  25. There are many white skinned people in the UK who don't identify as British, e.g. Poles.

  26. I'm white skinned, 3 generations born in the UK and still identify as 'White - Other'

  27. Not so fun fact, because the deer in Richmond park have no natural predators and limited space, they are culled annually to stop overpopulation.

  28. To everyone else: turn on phone backups right now, at the very least for photos and contacts.

  29. Also: Hold your phone with two hands and close to you when using it in public. It makes it harder to grab.

  30. I feel like it’s affecting their bottom lines too, but no one is looking around disney offices and noticing. The whole “death of the movie theater” thing that’s going on post-covid- how much of that is people deciding that movie theaters don’t add much to the experience vs people finally realizing after not being coddled by the movie theater experience for a few years that modern movies aren’t worth spending any extra for in the first place? Movie release dates used to be a big thing, now people will gladly wait months just to see it ‘for free’ on a lower quality screen. Somehow I doubt that’s all because people want to save $15.

  31. When I was a kid, you might wait 2-4 years for a movie to go from the cinema to the TV.. waiting a few months is nothing.

  32. Franchises are also happening on books, sadly

  33. This is hardly new in books.. I was reading Terry Pratchett's discworld books years and years ago.

  34. That makes the Qatar numbers all the more damning (haha get it) if a project as massive as the Hoover dam could be built, pre-modern safety precautions, and still clock only 20% of the 'official' Qatar numbers

  35. Make them both more desirable careers. If my kids were clever enough to be doctors - there's no way I would encourage them to be one. The pay isn't good enough, the conditions are dire. They'll make more money in other jobs and work less.

  36. Pretty pointless having a car in London it will just sit there. I'd fly over for a start then ask

  37. This is debatable if you live in one of the outer zones, where it would be helpful to have a car (in some circumstances) e.g. you wanted to travel somewhere other than London.

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