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Something isn't adding up

  1. Tanaka !.. Please tell me you still had your puts today? I prayer handed yesterday 😭.. More importantly can I send you a couple of prayer requests?

  2. Ask these crapto companies will only be as good as Bitcoin ... Which is going sub 10k... So you should be able to buy MARA for close to a dollar

  3. I'm also holding puts but I feel the timing is not great here... They might start working in a week... But then again a chapter 11 announcement can come anytime

  4. That would be shocking if it's true

  5. Yeah, I bought 20K worth of far OTM SNPS puts, and that shits up 35$ in a day after earnings lol. It's really not about the money, it's more about being bored then just going for earnings plays daily.:4271:

  6. Dang that's a lot, I got destroyed on some CRWD calls this morning so I decided to do OKTA puts ...oh well :4267::4267::4267:

  7. In 3 hours were already over bought

  8. During the QA session if you listened carefully he said WE will back off. It was clear as a bell.

  9. Nice you managed to make it all the way to hell!

  10. I don't see this as a great risk to this year end, because people already have tons of losses chalked up. so why sell more to have another write off? It won't be that substantial there will be a ton of other reasons to sell the market come December... Why do I keep measuring things in tons?

  11. Crazy part is their fy2023 guidance was higher than previously announced

  12. Hardy did you enter the gamma max CRWD 140p play?....smh on the calls I bought

  13. Yes Roid Monkey... And the BTC going sub 10k soon

  14. Stop calling this a Santa rally... Santa rally only happens the last week of December... Anything else is just a rally

  15. Can confirm, my manager smokes cigs with me behind the dumpster

  16. Sounds like crypto contagion 💯

  17. Insane this stuff is happening "IN THIS DAY AND AGE!"

  18. Saw it too, isn't that a sign of death?

  19. Crypto in general is in trouble...COIN will follow

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