1. Hate the gun. Looks like crap and doesn't perform all that well when you throw money at it.

  2. Approach NASA for use of one of their super computers.

  3. I see in another comment you have a 3080ti and a 5800x3d.

  4. Feel you man. Legit have never seen one in the last 2 wipes.

  5. I've got over 4k hours in the game, played around 5 wipes. Never seen it once and one of the reasons I don't even look at kappa. I can grind out most things but the thought of trying to get that last item makes my dick itch

  6. Pretty much got the exact same setup except I got the 58003dx.

  7. Also feel it has been slightly on the brutal side recently. Did manage to finish up punisher 6 there earlier though so won't complain too much.

  8. Really need to know your current specs to give any informed answer.

  9. Yes. It says preorder because the game hasn't officially released. You will have access to the beta like the rest of us :)

  10. It's cheap and will tank a couple of decent rounds, saved me a good few times.

  11. It's just a cultist whispering gently in your ear :D

  12. Amazon expanding their drone delivery system

  13. Always one guy that’s gotta comment some corny shit like this under these kinds of post.

  14. You know for sure this guy's scary as shit irl and no one steps to them...

  15. Just copying my comment I made in a different thread. Has some numbers that might be relevant to you.

  16. I've used PBO2 tuner, it does the job well. Felt it was stable going as much as -30 on some cores but it took a lot of testing to get it right and set the other cores to -20/-25

  17. 8hrs a day grinding a stupid game? Get out of the house and live a real life

  18. Almost like wasting your time replying to a Reddit thread. Why not get out more?

  19. 5800x3d feels like it was made specifically for tarkovs piss poor optimisation.

  20. Yeah, been reading a lot of benchs of this one and looks like a beast. Does it need X570 chipset of just the B560 will do the job? Same for ram, 3200 CL4 is more than enough?

  21. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the b560 intel?

  22. Yeah. Since I know I will need both a CPU and a GPU upgrade in the future, I actually copped the 5800x3d in order to clear this space already. Will look into some GPUs some months further now. Just hoping to see some improvement in Tarkov as of right now. Thanks!

  23. You will see a good FPS increase with that cpu alone. I've said in a couple of posts regarding the 5800x3d that it runs very hot and under tarkov load mine was hitting over 90 degrees Celsius which it starts to throttle. So either look at some of the 3rd party apps to undervolt it (can't do it via bios) or hopefully your cooler can keep up :)

  24. This aint rust. You can dive in and get slaughtered any time :)

  25. I feel this is harsh. You are forgetting the massive lighthouse expansion....

  26. I have a 5800x3d which I upgraded from a 3700x

  27. You know you can play or use something and still not be entirely happy with it. You can even enjoy it.

  28. Tarkov is very badly optimised and it has only got worse for certain maps as they expand them.

  29. Had the same CPU as you with a 2070 super, 32 gigs @3600

  30. As I said in another comment. I tried it, it wasnt nearly good enough to cool the 5800x3d without undervolting it. In tarkov I was hitting 95 with it.

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