1. It’s amazing how many people fall for her good mom act. Considering most of what she’s done is public knowledge. Including her sexual harassment lawsuit.

  2. I hope Theo grows up to be a baller in the NBA and when retired saggy balled trashcan tries to be like “yooo that’s my boy” he gives him the cold shoulder

  3. Sometimes I think he does it to shade kendall because she is the highest paid model in the world but he clearly prefers Bella Hadid when however I'm not in KJs centric mode I realize that he probably likes Bella's style also because she is the face of Balenciaga and in addition she has a very special / unconventional look that fits 100% with Kanye's futuristic aesthetic

  4. I’m more offended by the heavy makeup in the wet/sweaty environment 🤢 why does chealsea always have to be stepping out

  5. If you gonna come for bri that hard make sure you’re not wearing your granny’s fit next time weirdo

  6. Who the FUCK would let that man touch them? I wouldn't let someone that greasy and creepy looking ride an elevator with me.

  7. Naming your kid after your mistress??? Which mental illness is that I really would like to know.

  8. There’s a history of black on Asian crime, don’t ask me why. I just know it happens a lot in New York.

  9. Thanks! I just ordered the vampire bird! I hope it goes through! I’ve had it get canceled on me twice this month. 🤞🤞🤞

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