1. You can bend a surface, thus increase (or decrease) its area. For example compare the surface area of a ball and cube with a volume of 1 m³ each. Or compare the area of a flat square with a square that is bend.

  2. Yes, love. Red hot passion that okay typhoid yellow fever or an embarrassing soil mediated helminthiasis can interfere with

  3. Waves are more of a mathematical concepts we use to describe physical things. The things having wave like behaviour can(!) have mass. For example: a photon is massless, an electron has mass. Both can be described using wave functions (in the quantum world, in the classical world you might describe both as particle or depending on the subject one as wave and one as particle).

  4. Not really... a lot of fluroinated polymers are highly polar (microscopic, macroscopic apolar) yet veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hydrophobic.

  5. Your way of thinking is definitely not wrong. Isolated sp2 protons are generally more acidic than isolated sp3 protons. However, if you compare the different conjugated bases that are generated by deprotonation of the different protons, the anion conjugated with a double bond is far more stable because the negative charge can spread over the conjugated system. Additionally, the conjugated system even includes the carbonyl group. It can be seen like a carboxylic acid group which is split up, but linked by a c-c double bond, thus it is especially acidic.

  6. Just in addition: this application is called vinylogical effect.

  7. where is the resonance tho? wouldn’t both have resonance

  8. The first one hybridises from sp3 to sp2 after deprotonation. Thus conjugates the anionic charge (p orbital) with the pi system.

  9. Light can interfere - a good example is Braggs law. It also shows reflection, absorption, wave/ particle nature depending on the slit size,...

  10. Because the vertical asymptome has a perdocity of every half circle (not every full circle in like sin or cos).

  11. As the ratio gives: for 1000 in valorant you expect 3180 in csgo. Thus your frist result is the only one of the two results that can be true (the other result is smaller than your initial value, which doesn't fit the given ratio to which the csgo sensitivty has to be 3.18 times as big).

  12. Honestly idk if your method works, but this looks like a pretty cut and dry 1st year gen chem problem with uncertainty principle (a,b) and integrating the square of the schrodinger wave equation to find probability (c).

  13. The task itselfe talks about a classical particle, thus wave particle duality (so considering de brogli wave of that schrödinger/dirac/einstein/quantum/whateveryoucallit particle) would be overkill imho.

  14. You might be right i think. Saw the particle in a box and instantly assumed. Pretty bad habit to have.

  15. All fine, buddy. Having ideas and discussing them is one of the fundamentals we humans love to use in our processes of teaching, learning,... . :)

  16. Well... if he can solve a problem you can't even come up with, he is superior in this case. Sorry to say so.

  17. Every material is somewhat magnetic (at least after inducing a dipol) and conductiv (if voltage is high enough).

  18. Finde Kreide ganz zu verbieten auch völligen Schwachsinn. Besonders beim Kreuzheben u. Power Cleans hat Kreide nen mega Vorteil.

  19. Auch da gilt wie immer: die Mehrheit der Vernünftigen, die es sauber nutzen oder danach reinigen, leidet leider unter den wenigen Arschlöchern.

  20. Benutzt doch einfach Liquid chalk, es hat den gleichen Effekt aber es macht keinen Dreck! Hatte es mir mal fürs bouldern geholt, da wird es nämlich immer beliebter weil es die Griffe nicht zuklebt.

  21. Juckt mich ehrlich wenig, was andere nutzen, solange sie danach wieder sauber machen. Ich würde aus Faulheit aber auch zu Flüssigkreide raten.

  22. The kg cancles with the other kg. The m3 cancles with the two m in the nominator and the m in the denominator.

  23. Multiply both sides by (1+x)4. Then you can rearrange and solve as any other polynomial. (And remember that all k for the (k+x)n=0 denominators aren't solutions).

  24. NaOH is a solid - so I'm pretty sure you are using 0.1 - 9.3 mL of 0.1 M aq. NaOH solution! May sound picky... but it really is a hughe difference.

  25. If you want to find the concentration of the pure HCl bath, you need to use the volume of pure HCl bath. The number of moles of HCl didn't change after dilution, the OP's calculations are correct. Your thinking doesn't give the answer OP needs and therefore is wrong.

  26. He wrote that this calculation refers to the titrated solution (see brackets). If it is for the HCl bath, then of course it is correct.

  27. It is the slope in the sense of (change in output)/(change in input)

  28. This, problem here is, that we typically plot f(x) = x where the slope s = df/dx (write with the triganle delta and you should see the link between integral of differential form and the average slope).

  29. Its about the rate of new hires (vs. retirments). As there are 100 new hires (per year?) the amount of workers changes per year.

  30. I took the examples directly from my professor's slides, maybe It's a typo, i'll ask him directly. Regarding the different solubility of groups i acutally hadn't ever heard that they had specific solubility associated to them, I've looked it up online and found a few tables, so thank you very much.

  31. Orbital overlap can be one factor based on the size... this is respected in Kleins ARIO concept for acids/ bases. For ions that dissolve by dissociation it isn't really needed to model it as orbital interaction (however theoretical chemists are doing very great research in describing solvation shells and their expected energys via quantum models). As a good approximation it is enough to predict the stability of the cristall structure - which depends on the relative size (and the hardness) of the ions, not sooo much on the stability of hypothetical isolated ions (as it is done in Kleins ARIO model).

  32. It doesn't make any sense.The correct formular:Let a, b be the sales value of the stores A, B and let x, y be their sales change. So for example if store A has a sales value of a and an increase of 3.06 then its new sales value is 3.06a.

  33. Thank you. Do you remember any example where a neutral atom combines with an ion to give a molecule? In the examples you gave, a molecule combines with an ion to a molecule.

  34. Neutral atoms are not really found anywhere... besides noble gases. All the other stuff where we find neutral atoms (not compunds like F2, metallic Na, ...) are only found under extrem ambiente. There chemistry and physics become kind of their own world.

  35. Ohhh. Yes at least theoretically I can think. In that sense, (please forgive me if I make a blunder), can I also think that

  36. Theoretically as a formal description yes... however I've never heard about his being a real case mechanism. The "real" case is O2- + H+ -> OH- or H2O -> OH- + H+ which is also described in the auto protolyses of water (there are some of these fun cases like boudouard or generally the equlibriums of amphoters/ amphilyts in generel with themselfes).

  37. I guess I was just confused because everywhere i looked the reaction was written with a single arrow and not with a double arrow. The way you describe it makes a lot of sense so thank you for that!

  38. May be because either the equilbrium is faaaaaar on product side (as explained) or the process management is such that they approach total turnover (also as explained).

  39. Ps... just popped in my mind: if you need to assume that the equilibrium is imporatend recall that we know that K = exp[-ΔGcomplete/(RT)] so that you can find K and use it.

  40. How do i multiply fractions against parentheses?

  41. Just like I showed: a(b+c) = ab + ac. A can be any number (even a fraction).

  42. Do you know that a(b+c) = ab + ac in general? Apply this.

  43. Yes: Styrofoam is a foam of CO2/air and polystyrene plastic.

  44. This, there are pretty good videos about the sol/gel process which is a very similar idea to this thing.

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