1. You ever heard of astroglide????? You can fit a Cadillac in a doghouse with that stuff baby!

  2. After seeing this, I'm not sure I can return to work because of how hard this made me.

  3. Ahh about 4 hours from me I wish I could help if u come down this way I could help you

  4. Where in illinois I might be able to help with your search

  5. Thats one of the best welds i haveseen in my 35 years of pipefitting

  6. Purge 55 lb inside and 20 lb outside? 22 amps! Get outta here man I weld every damn day and that ain't worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on. I will set my miller dynasty to 22 amps hook up a purge and post a video showing you that arc will never run that cold with that much purge inside that pipe. U may fool some but not this journeyman sir. I want proof if you welded this I will apologize but I'm saying u can't do it noone can with those settings sorry.

  7. Pretty sure I've been tube welding for 15 years and I'm positive this is an orbital 😄

  8. No, but it is one of me dreams. The closest thing is the niece of a philosophy teacher I had in high-school.

  9. I do the same thing although I'm not sure if I want to actually see her with a other man or not, I feel like someone besides me has recorded her, but I'm not sure I could watch her with another man yet I've searched for hundreds maybe thousands of hours to find a video and never have...

  10. You look incredibly nice to me! Anyone who looks at you and says otherwise wouldn't understand you or why you've done those amazingly sexy things to your body!

  11. Will gladly come pound that ass...dm me

  12. I didn't get it I've never watched it lol sorry

  13. Don't be sorry she was supposed to send me nudes to post her and never sent them

  14. Around Stonington Taylorville pana

  15. Thanks! I love the framework of our government, but tyranny starts to form quickly as the public starts to look away.

  16. Agreed, I'd hunt and collect anyway, they gotta catch you first right lol

  17. Luckily I have a lot of access to private property to look as well. Was walking in the Ocala national forest recently down a fresh fire break, debitage and broken stuff pretty thick on the ground. I find it ironic that the government has no problem destroying and ignoring a site, yet for me to pocket a surface find it's a crime.

  18. Yeah that's what's a load of crap, but then again anything that doesn't benefit them in some way is commonly illegal, it's sad.

  19. I've ground grooves in steel field tips and secured points into them. Mounted them onto carbon arrows and they have been used to take deer. Worked like a charm. I'm in the process of making my own bow, I've made arrows and atlatl darts, I'm ready to do the self bow thing.

  20. That will probably be the only synthetic component, because bow season in FL is still in rain season, which is problematic for hide or gut. I do have an experienced Bowyer that will help with both the synthetic and natural.

  21. Heck ya I have a recurve bit I've always wanted to make a longbow, maybe someday I might I've made my own arrows but always used modern tools it amazes me what they used to do with what they had. Insanely talented people!

  22. I’m just unsure of my location. I’m on the eastern shore of Maryland, which I know can turn up artifacts, I just don’t know where

  23. There ya go, do some research and find out the internet is a useful tool and if nothing else just find a creek and start walking it can't hurt to wander if you're allowed to wander there, that's how I found my first one i had no clue what I was looking for but when u see one teuat me you'll know it. Best of luck to ya

  24. I’m constantly jealous that people just get to go find stuff like this

  25. You would be surprised at how many people would let you walk on their land to find artifacts if you just simply go up and ask nicely. Be courteous tell them why you are asking and if they say no simply go somewhere else, some people don't mind just because you asked without trespassing.

  26. That's awesome thanks for all your guys info I really appreciate it, never would've known half of that, not that I'd ever sell anything I find but is it worth anything?

  27. You should be able to see the fossils better if you get the point wet Im realatively new to this to haha

  28. Definitely going to try that I see what you're talking about in the picture now I'll keep u updated when I try that

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