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  1. The next three days will make DeSantis shine brighter than the Sun if he effectively manages the aftermath of hurricane Ian or it’ll prove him all talk, no trousers in a real crisis.

  2. He has handled quite a few issues. I can’t think of one he hasn’t done very with.

  3. Ummmmm. Let me be the first to say, What the Fuck!!

  4. Just don’t give it to them! Look for common ground and ways to meet on the many things we actually agree on.

  5. I disagree, I’m at a point where everything needs pushback unless it is something EVERYONE can get behind like going to war if the US gets attacked.

  6. Well and that’s the conservative mindset in a nutshell. Give ‘em hell and don’t try to connect on anything. Our way or no way.

  7. I understand why you would say that, but look at politics the last 20 years. The left has shifted so far that late 90s democrats would be considered republicans today. Now look at the last 2 years. Most industries are very broken and not one legitimate solution has been brought to fix it, this is with a left controlled government.

  8. Could you then make the argument that this is the fault of Obama for being a driving force for Trump to run for POTUS? Causing the lefty to attack the conservative.

  9. Not a lot of love from Joshua Love. Now imagine that being consistent among all political figures. His head would explode.

  10. Funny how the leftist pussies from

  11. ….And that’s a lot for love. We’ll give it a shot.

  12. Yeah hundreds walking within the red rope was terrifying huh?

  13. Unsure if this is a metaphor, but didn't people die?

  14. There are multiple pictures of hundreds of people within the red ropes in the building. There were also people vandalizing. But many refer to the 6th as an insurrection where MAGAs were trying to take over the government but they forget many things like:

  15. I’ve worked at some bad companies. Publix, so far, is the best company I have worked for. Publix could definitely do things better, but there is a lot worse out there.

  16. So let me get this straight.. the immigrants were initially moved from Bexar County to Fl. Then DeSantis flies them to Martha’s Vineyard.

  17. So are we going to hold Biden accountable for this?!? If Trump said what Biden said and then this happened they would be calling for his head. Can we get a glimpse of consistency?

  18. Who was told there are no consequences? Every single medication has side effects. Ibuprofen can kill you. You take a risk any time you take a drug, pill, shot, whatever, so of course adverse reactions will happen and I'm sure most people understand that. The reality is that most of the side effects you hear about, like blood clots or myocarditis, are actually significantly more common as a result of Covid, than from the vaccine.

  19. Blood clots and myocarditis wasn’t a covid side effect until after the shot came out. Kinda interesting how that worked.

  20. I guess you forgot how bad things were under Trump. Energy independence, great market, strong economy, very few world disputes. Let me guess you’re a racist conservative that prefers all those over the nice tweets we have now.

  21. Thank you anti vaxxers. The DNC has nothing to do with people not choosing to take a proven vaccine that’s been around for decades and nearly eliminated the disease.

  22. The WHO approved a new polio vaccine this year. It was not put through the same test as the polio vaccine you or I likely received as children.

  23. Waiting on that kidnapping charge, or does that only apply to conservative Governors?

  24. Bill Gates wants facts about him to go away!

  25. I have a couple of different arguments. My arguments pertain to illegal immigrants which is not just Latino/a’s.

  26. Number 3 is huge. I have a relative who worked in the IRS for nearly 30 years. He mentions often about how majority of the fraudulent tax returns completed are done by illegal immigrants.

  27. Do the drivers typically help to unload? When I worked in the store the drivers would just stand there.

  28. I’m not sure DeSantis has time for that. He is too busy keep Florida free from the Fascism that is the Biden Administration.

  29. Good for you! Thank you for posting this, I have always wondered how many people truly questioned the narrative for the last 2 years. This gives me hope!

  30. He's literally a human trafficker - of children, no less. I thought there were many people in this sub very vocally against child traffickers, especially those in positions of power?

  31. Lol human trafficker where the people on the planes consented?!?

  32. After midnight flights to Jacksonville sent by the Biden administration.

  33. Jabbed twice and feel good so far. Blood tests were good too. Its been nearly one year now. My only fear is that it causes cancer or so in the longterm. This is sth we will know only after a couple of years.

  34. This was one of my concerns as well (not knowing the long term). I chose not to get it because a relative of mine got Covid and essentially had flu like symptoms. When I got Covid it was the same.

  35. Can you state that the clot was caused by the vaccination?

  36. Lol at thinking only 1 person has been affected. Way to completely ignore even the proven risks that are now attributed to the Johnson and Johnson.

  37. Well kind of, we are supposed to be more of a democratic republic.

  38. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic

  39. One day you will experience life and want to provide wisdom to those who haven’t had the same experiences.

  40. Modern history? Like this month? The recovery is the greatest we have seen this month. Cause you don’t need to go far to find better.

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