1. I mean it IS a known Gay Cruising Area... not as much as Memorial Park but still....

  2. Geez . Guy masturbating in public is not limited to gays . Why would you think so?

  3. I thought they usually enable comm day moves for the previous year (2021) as well? Why did they stop it this year

  4. They are supposed to . This will be a bust for me as I need more from 2021 . I hope this is wrong .

  5. Literally I've been throwing away the banana berries because I don't use them at all and knowing I've missed out on so much stardust, my heart is broken

  6. Assume you are talking about nanab berries . One will stun the pokeman you are trying to catch to make it easier . The pineapple and silver pineapple when used will give you extra candy when pokeman is caught . The golden one will heal a pokeman when in a gym . Feed any to your buddy

  7. Look into radiology too, those ultrasound techs make fucking bank.

  8. That requires several years of education at one time . Most require some college .

  9. I need it too. Read on something that we will see it in February 2023 . Not sure in the wild or as a raid

  10. No joke, the guy was planning to bribe his way onto an oversite board being formed for Crypto. Even donated to the Biden foundation.

  11. Unfortunately my friends who are local and play do not have any they are willing to trade, but one of them mentioned that in December Niantic typically does a multiple community day where they have each pokemon from the year of community days reappear for a couple hours. Has anyone else ever seen or heard of this?

  12. Had that . You have to catch yourself or you can use rare candy

  13. Trump was impeached twice . That never goes away . He was not removed from office by the senate

  14. He was deemed not guilty by the senate. That never goes away.

  15. Take a civics class. The house and senate are separate . The house impeached twice . Once again it never goes away .

  16. No problems . Have gotten three guzzlord . Last was just me and one other person . Caught it with only 3 balls left

  17. So the democrats that run Harris county elections fuck up and then try to change rules to allow an extra hour but the Republicans are suppressing things? You have to be in line at 7, that’s how it works. This is only get rid of votes that shouldn’t have happened any way.

  18. That's a bit hyperbolic. Most of the "attacks in trans rights" are really just expanding definitions to protect minors from permanent body modifications and talk from administrations of sexuality. If a 13 year old can't get a tattoo they shouldn't be allowed to permanently modify their bodies in other ways. If a 13 year old can't go into a strip club, they shouldn't be allowed to attend a "strip show" because it involves drag.

  19. They can't. Other then harmone they have to be an adult and go thru therapy before any surgery is done .

  20. The legislation is about hormone therapy, which isn't without consequences.

  21. Have been stuck on aerodactyl for months . Saw lileep an anorith in last few days in the wild

  22. The crazies are still out in full force. Just last week, someone in my local Facebook group was praising the benefits of contracting "natural polio".

  23. Guess being paralyzed or dying doesn't bother them . Must be really really ignorant

  24. Stating facts only elevates a person. Lately, the majority of Texans (and nationally in the primaries) he's a complete dud.

  25. Ted Cruz is stupid . He gives it away everytime he ope b s his mouth

  26. Keep copies to have if it escalates . This is stalking !!!. Be careful at all times and if necessary get police involved

  27. Lol the democrats have investigated trump for 6 years with literally no conclusion while the country fell apart 🤣

  28. Take a civics class. A mind is a terrible thing to waste

  29. I have been stuck with Aerodactyl for about a month already

  30. Republicans evangelicals hate anyone not like them . They are hypocrits and non Christian

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