1. Either Arizona and Richard or Burke and Izzie & George - unconventional friendships with a lot of respect between the characters

  2. I think I miss the friendships more than the couples. Arizona and Richard were a surprise to me. They were both older singles that had been through a lot and it seemed they understood one other, more than just coworkers.

  3. Well in Holly's defense, everyone gets drunk on tequila shots and passes out at the bar, the night before Thanksgiving. lol

  4. That was the best part of coming home. I remember the bars being so crowded, you would run into practically everyone you ever went to school with that night.

  5. Check out this video. It’s about life in Avoyelles Parish. I am not originally from Avoyelles. The culture here is much different than surrounding parishes.

  6. I think I hate myself. I still can’t stand Joss but I thought Dex pulling her to him and kissing her was kind of hot. Maybe because the camera mostly focused on him? Ugh, I feel used.

  7. Wasn’t Spencer only supposed to be in Pentonville for a short time? It seems like he’s been there too long.

  8. Today’s episode was pretty eventful-I don’t think I forwarded through anything. Liz’s Reiko reveal to Finn, Nina telling Michael her suspicions, Michael finally on the way to learn about Willow’s diagnosis, and Cody’s paternity test answers—they’ve done nothing but dance around these storylines for months.

  9. Great episode! No fast forwarding because no Carly and Joss! My remote got to rest

  10. Train the cat not to bother it.

  11. I do this, let the tree be ornament-less for 3 or 4 days. My young nephew, who can’t wait to help trim it, knows not to put any hanging ornaments at the bottom. Also, I’ve also found that a skinny tree works better than a fuller one. There’s less room to climb inside the tree.

  12. I can’t stand him. His whole spiral last season was the WORST. There are so many damn characters on this show and they wasted time showing him playing video games in his mom’s basement for half the season? Give the screen time to someone else that could have an actual storyline that isn’t just acting like a victim after his own ego and hubris killed someone

  13. He acted like he was the only surgeon in the entire weekend to lose a patient. Watching the endless self pity was boring and I agree, the screentime should have gone to another character.

  14. Is it maybe something with Cam and Joss? They could go "on a break" and Carly would think it's all Cam's fault.

  15. Yeah that’s possible and offer no apology when she turns out to be wrong.

  16. Put some towels in the dryer for a few minutes before putting them near her. My sweet girl cat, who hates being covered in any way, absolutely loved this after her surgery.

  17. I really don’t mind CM but I just can’t see him as Drew. I was a huge fan of Billy Miller’s portrayal of Drew, so I know I am biased, but CM just doesn’t seem to have the depth BM did.

  18. I miss Billy's Drew too. They did not recast the role well. I liked Billy's Drew with Elizabeth and later with Franco ... not so much with Carly, Sonny, or Sam - who I think we were supposed to "root" for him with. I don't blame BM for not returning - seeing the show pushed him aside when SB returned.

  19. BM and RH were my favorite bromance. I loved the way the two acted when in a scene together. 💔

  20. I've been behind on the daily watching but am finally catching up. I've discovered I actually like the new Corinthos family. Sonny and Nina act like adults in a normal loving relationship. They were both there for Sasha, and supporting Gladys as guardian, and I also liked seeing Kristina and Dante having a meal with their dad. Taking Carly, Michael and Joss out of their storylines made me a more interested viewer.

  21. I started watching Grey’s in early 2021 and finished all seasons a few weeks ago. (I originally stopped after Season 10 and refused to watch 11 because of you know what and just started back at Season 1).

  22. he's kind of too underdeveloped at this point. the killing a patient was interesting but not much sense then especially if he's going to be chief resident now and basically the only non intern surgical resident.

  23. I didn’t even find his losing a patient interesting. His reaction just put me off, hiding away for days (or weeks?). It just seemed too self-pitying.

  24. I think his reaction would have been way different if he hadn’t had a connection to the patient.

  25. I started watching season 18 before I had caught up on all past episodes, so I didn’t get to experience his introduction. Now that I have seen GA in it’s entirety, I do feel more sympathy for him but not much. 😐

  26. Thanks for the hilarious recap! I debated whether or not to binge the week today and I may have to watch just for the Italian loafer. 😂😂

  27. I’ll probably get lynched for this but my unpopular opinion is that I don’t really like how much the Grey family feature in books 7-9. I’m 100% down with John getting more page time. I’ve read his series and I enjoyed it a lot but I just don’t have the love for Hal, Benjamin, William that I do for the Fraser family. I don’t know why I just can’t connect with them. The only one I really love is Minnie. I want to see what trouble her, Claire and Jenny could get up to together.

  28. I’m rereading Bees right now and I have been skipping over their section. I just can’t seem to get interested in their storylines.

  29. I'm thinking that if he has the time to film - JB just may end up continuing to advocate for character development for his character. But the man is booked and busy right now.

  30. 100% Agree. Bridgerton fans got so lucky when JB was cast as Anthony (although I suspect he would have equally shined in the Benedict or Colin role). I love how he loves the character and takes care of him. The scene with Gregory was one my favorites.

  31. Full admission - I LOOOOVE the subplots. I didn't need them in the novels - I'm literally able read the character's thoughts and I can do my own "world creation" in my head. (I also can read one of the books in probably a couple of hours. I'm a fast reader)

  32. Did you read Hyacinth’s book? I would start a GoFundMe campaign just to make sure we get to see Anthony and Gareth’s marriage conversation. JB would kill it in those scenes.

  33. Cersei and Jaime, only because it was so effin stupid and absolutely shat on two of the best characters in the series.

  34. I agree, I was upset in a pissed off way. Out of all of the ways I imagined their story to end, it was nothing like the uninspired scenes we had.

  35. And boring Jacksonville overacting and meaningless plotlines.

  36. It was so dull. I watched Carly and Fonzie’s girlfriend talk about the council vote results and I honestly forgot what happened the next second. Are they going to have to move the cemetery or did Carly’s late to the party plea win over the Florida bunch?

  37. I couldn't fix my boy, he had a heart murmur. So, to stop his spraying, which he did EVERYWHERE, I had to pay a lot of money to buy cat diapers. All day, everyday, catching a Tom cat, holding him down to change his diaper, cleaning him up so he didn't stink, and then forcing a new diaper back on him.

  38. I completely agree. I get Callie being upset about Arizona having to move, but I feel like she could’ve set her feelings aside for like 2 seconds to at least congratulate her.

  39. This bothered me so much. Callie acted as if she was going with Arizona against her will. If she would have said just once “I’m not sure I want to go”, there could have been a discussion but she chose to make Arizona feel as if being awarded the grant was an empty achievement.

  40. After today, I can almost guarantee they have Cam cheat first so that Joss is seen as the “good guy”.

  41. I'm afraid they will do this, too. Tptb haven't written Joss any other way than perfect. If Joss was the one to cheat, at least it would give the character some depth.

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