1. Cyberpunk brand has picked up good momentum after Anime dropped and last 1.6 update. They probably want to make sure game at release date works perfectly since they are charging money for it.

  2. Yea I am only at necromancy temple now and talked to a dude from the crypt who said he will see me again later now just disarming land mines but having bugs for some reason I am still in combat even though there are no enemies or sometimes if i unequipped weapons I can’t equip anything. It happened twice now.

  3. Passed that then went to large door opposite and with plenty of land minds. That’s where I stopped.

  4. Damn to many games this summer. Baldurs gate 3, Diablo and Cyberpunk.

  5. Wanted to buy this game but after seeing the issues decided to buy Baldurs Gate 3 on GOG instead.

  6. Used to play fighting games and went to tournaments for about 2 years. Met few people and we hanged out few times. Twice we had after party. More like gaming colleges perhaps.

  7. Cyberpunk with RT ON uses significantly less memory and its a open world game with no loading screens and best visuals. WTF... man.

  8. likley they are still working and fixing the dlc not knowing when it will be finished.

  9. depends on games. new titles are heavy on GPU like Cyberpunk your usage will be around 90-99% or RDR2. older games and online shooters still depend on CPU. it will definitly boost performance but 5500 is abit slow. suggest you 5700x which is best value AM4 CPU.

  10. Ryzen 7700, B650 motherboard, 2x16 DDR5 6000 CL30 or 32.

  11. Everspace 2 is good at least alpha was. hope SWJ Survivor will be. Can't tell by the gameplay.

  12. I already have the fastest DDR5 I could get afaik. I have 32 GB of 6800Mhz G.Skill CL34

  13. dude thats a nice setup you have already. not worth changing anything until maybe 14th gen intel comes out. if you want to scratch the itch of spending money on something buy good fast mouse or speakers.

  14. 14th gen will likely require a new motherboard though no? And I already have a solid mouse and dope speakers 😅

  15. yes it will likely change architecture and socket and support faster NVMEs and DDR5 speeds. I have a feeling Intel will do what AMD does and release CPU with large cache bank next year or year after. That will be be fast! I am waiting for next gen myself.

  16. I am little on larger size XXL a bit of protein addict. maybe this would be good option. looking at some larger office chair as well becasue with mesh design for hot summers.

  17. update bios it often adds memory compatibility. 4400 wont work but allows you to tune memory timings fast. 3600 CL12 etc you will spend hours tuning.

  18. Torchlight 2 but only on Hard which feels more balance more like Normal should be.

  19. first time it can be difficult but if you do it 2-3x it will get easier. if you constantly move you will avoid most damage. done it with build on vHard without using sandevisatan, grandaes and kereznikov.

  20. for what casual games like rpgs or online comptetive shooters? you can have light and fast sensor mouse for shooters or mice with more buttons and heavy.

  21. once you pass prologue about 4-5 hours The Heist mission city will open up you will be able to drive around do side quests, buy cars etc. its not as casual as GTA more like Deus Ex but open world.

  22. just question the case. at last you have premium fans that should last forever.

  23. obviously faster cpu more frames but it will work. At 1440p AAA games CPU usage is low.

  24. I just don’t want to spend money on the card and get only a fraction of the performance it offers.

  25. if you have pcie 4.0 ready motherboard you will have more then enough bandwith to use this card. it will work fine.

  26. same here bought 5700x on ebay seller run out of stock sent me 5800x. okay.

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