1. There are times when I’ve seen the restaurant closest to me has a $20 delivery fee but the restaurant way further away is zero delivery fee. It’s strange because from day to day it seems the delivery fee for specific restaurant locations can change, even sometimes within the same day and depending on the difference it’s easy to mistake the lower fee for the closer location.

  2. Ok I’m a huge fan of Nina these days but even I’m like WTF today. It makes no sense to volunteer Sasha for a project and say how great she is doing because of it while simultaneously recruiting someone to go be with her because she needs support. It literally hurts to say this but dammit I agree with willow pick a lane.

  3. I didn’t have many gems about 20k and got a ton of S gear but none of the Zeus items. I have the crow and wand tho and looking at the new items I’m not sure it was worth the 20k. Might have been better going after artifacts

  4. I have the same question. I didn’t think skipping a day made a difference but every so often I see people post comments that seem to imply otherwise.

  5. I vaguely remember this. I wasn’t a huge fan of loving but I did watch it and I was very happy to see Angie on the show. Faison and Frankie is where it gets hazy for me

  6. Yeah, the smell even after forgetting to wash it for 12 hours is powerful. Even just rinsing it doesn't seem to be enough to avoid the smell.

  7. For a mild smell Plain white vinegar works wonders. Fill it up and let it sit for a bit and than empty and wash normally. I’ve also done a combo of baking soda and Vinegar with other plastic containers that I need to deodorize.

  8. I would argue if your low on gems and specifically looking to build up a nest egg before the Zeus event the gems may not be a bad investment. Plus if The other thread has the correct math you can get all the gems and still afford a piece of equipment

  9. Wasn’t heather hinting at a link between Franco, Jeff and Elizabeth at one point. I distinctly remember her not wanting them together and hinting to us at home there was some secret reason behind it.

  10. wiki is quick! heather webber’s page already updated

  11. Wait Robin retired? I mean if that’s what she wanted I’m happy for her but I’m sorry there will never be another heather (or Janet from another planet if you know you know) for me.

  12. For the first time in a long time Sonny came across as dangerous with that “I only need one” line.

  13. I tried it with almond milk and was shocked, it tasted like a literal milkshake. I was so excited until I realized that it was sweetened almond milk and I’d drank like 30g of sugar lmao.

  14. Made the same mistake the other day with the cinnamon roll flavor and for the first couple mins I couldn’t figure out why it was so sickeningly sweet. It took everything in me to actually finish it.

  15. Friday I couldn't tell if the actress was still an ADA or she was playing a cop

  16. I’m still trying to figure out how she is still so eager considering how Trina’s trial ended.

  17. So speaking as someone who has worked in call centers for 20 years plus with two different companies and as someone who currently manages a Call Center I feel qualified in saying everything your feeling is totally normal. The best advice I can offer is to sit down with your supervisor and discuss how things are going for you and specifically request help or tips for dealing with specific issues you’ve encountered.

  18. Considering it’s homemade you did good. As others have pointed out the belt may need to be changed. Honestly in the first pic I was a bit alarmed as I thought it was an open fly in the suit

  19. Personally I love all sizes including guys who fall on the smaller side. I dated a guy who was about your size. IMO the most important thing is to be honest about it. That helps avoid disappointment on their end which will translate into more insecurity for you.

  20. For one thing, hypnotist robe will make them only attack every other round.

  21. I was always under the impression that the eldest son gets the bulk of the wealth and all of the control the other Cassadines do get substantial money from the larger fortune. The Quartermanes are kinda in the same boat. They are all rich with access to income streams generated by the “family fortune” but in the Cassadines example Nikolas gets the bulk of it.

  22. Is it me or is there absolutely no post show interviews with Terrance, Nicole, and Jasmin. Are they not getting interview request or are they actively avoiding them? I suppose a third option is my Search-Fu is failing me.

  23. Nicole is a pre juror, so she wouldn't get post season interviews. She also went UTR after her eviction.

  24. See I figured Nicole would be basically volunteering to be interviewed as part of the apology tour and image rehab. I’d pay good money for someone like Katt to interview Terrence and ask him the hard questions. Jasmin I’d love to see her normal personality beyond the stupid accent. But I’m guessing your right and I won’t get any of those.

  25. I feel like top two is Shangela and Ginger. I was prepared to go a different direction but Gingers last run finally showed me how well rounded she is. That said with this particular list Shangela should dominate the season if the others don’t actively work to eliminate her. That said I highly doubt she would go back under any circumstances. Her career is at a level now where I think she has grown beyond RPDR

  26. I think I’d they focus on Psylocke as a martial artist first and a mutant second that could work. If they take it a step further and give her the crimson dawn abilities on top of it they can use her as more of a fighter so she isn’t just stuck in the shadow of other telepaths

  27. Slept with my brothers cousin in law if that’s a thing and all his in laws knew and didn’t care. We saw each other for a bit before we both moved to two different areas

  28. You think I should bleach it? I know colorism is a thing and I’m wondering if I looked better if I was about the skin tone if someone who was mixed.

  29. I wouldn’t if I were you. I’ve seen over and over again when people are made to feel insecure over their appearance they start building up the everything will be better if I just fix this. The problem is (especially in this community) the thing you fix today will be the thing someone is looking for tomorrow. Not only that but more often than not people go through so much to make themselves into what they think will make them happy and attract other people and if/when things don’t work out with a fairytale ending like they hoped they become more depressed than they were at the start and they begin to look for that next thing they need to fix about themselves.

  30. Honestly, no one’s looking for the thing I wanna fix. Lol. If I could change my race I could. ‘Cause I’ve had a lot of people lose interest once they learn I’m black. Plus I’ve never seen anyone actually like my skintone. No one’s ever looking for what I have, whether that’s today or tomorrow. I feel like the white boys have it all in this damn community…………….

  31. Things are definitely slanted to that demographic but there are for sure guys looking for what you have. I used to say the same thing about my weight and than I discovered BiggerCity a site specifically for that. Believe me if your into their is a site for it somewhere you just have to find it. That includes any and everything you would change about yourself. Now if the change is something you want to do and it’s in your power go for it but just don’t put all your hopes of a happily ever after on it because I promise the disappointment of that not working out as planned is worse than how you might feel about it now.

  32. Those Gays who grew up with the apps never learned the art, because they never had a reason to.

  33. Not sure why but this comment was huge to me. If you don’t mind I’ll add my 2 cents. It’s not just that they never had a reason to. There used to be a unspoken bond in the community that older generations would kinda teach the kids. Everything was in person in parks, restrooms bars. The younger folks needed to learn from elders to avoid being arrested or hurt. The internet age allowed a generation to “teach” themselves the ways of the world alongside huge steps forward with gay rights. I feel like once that happened the older crowd weren’t looked at as mentors anymore and were ignored. I’m 45 and I know I started going to lgbtq places in my teens and was lucky enough to have some friends in their mid 20’s who watched out for me and taught me the ropes including cruising.

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