1. Although I like every DMB record, Stand Up is my least favorite of the bunch. Still has its moments though.

  2. Walk around the moon when its been played live and on sxm dmb radio, i get a psych vibe

  3. I pretty well love all of the songs that we know so far. I just wish it could have been Shotgun instead of Singing From The Windows. I would take JTR on an album over any other, but that will stay a dream.

  4. True, I guess I would just want it released on a bonafide studio album is what I mean

  5. The LWS JTR is the definitive version. Could never top that. Straight fire and maybe the most finished song on LWS.

  6. True, just wish it had a proper release on a bonafide studio album.

  7. For sure, I’d definitely get myself one. Speaking of vinyl, they should finally repress Before These Crowded Streets. Although I’m lucky enough to have it on vinyl, it would sell so good if they would actually do it. That and I would want a reissue copy to sounds compare.

  8. Seems to be a common answer, but I’d say Go as well.

  9. I love going back and visiting Don’t Burn The Pig from 95/96

  10. We’re 9-2 against them with Josh Allen. I call that ownership.

  11. I could care less about people hating. At the end of the day, we won and they didn’t. Our season continues and theirs doesn’t. A few things that I want to mention is that if someone doesn’t like the outcome, then the game was obviously rigged and a script was written in order for the Bills to win. Dolphin fans also clamor on and on about what a bum that Josh Allen is…except they’re now 2-9 against him. Sean McDermott? They’re 2-11 against him since he became coach. So if Josh Allen is the bum they say he is, why are they 2-9 against him then?

  12. All I heard from Dolphin fans back in week 3 was “don’t make excuses for injuries.” Then they go and do that exact same things. Peasants.

  13. I’m 25 and have unfortunately only gotten to see them live twice, but I have the entire 62 Volume (so far) Live Trax collection on CD as well as every studio album. I probably have 90% of their catalogue on CD, only missing some warehouse releases

  14. What’s the difference between the two Haggard DVDs?

  15. I believe one is labeled as “Bam’s cut” and the other is not. That one has a red stripe at the bottom.

  16. I mean true, but also how about not throwing fucking snowballs on the field at a professional sporting event?

  17. You’re absolutely right about that. I would not having been throwing them if I was there, personally. Just thought this should be shared from a rules perspective.

  18. All I heard was how the refs were appeasing the Bills all game. Meanwhile, they tried to appease the Dolphins so much so that they just invented a rule that wasn’t even in the NFL rule book. As well as other Dolphins fans throwing snow at the game after that announcement was made to try and get the Bills penalized 😂💀

  19. What I don’t get is why someone would waste their money on this…

  20. Proudest Monkey is undoubtedly their easiest song to play on guitar.

  21. Depends a lot on what you find easy. You literally don't have to move your hand and only occasionally lift one finger, but the rhythm can be tricky for beginners.

  22. Yeah, I guess I mean easiest for me personally. I can see how a beginner may have trouble with the pattern.

  23. I’m not even trying to go out of my way and hate on the album or him, but yeah it’s pretty bad. Poor production, horrid vocals, underwhelming/crummy lyrics throughout, recycled instrumentals which most of them seem to be an eerily similar tempo. Just feels like I’ve heard it before and not in a good way. It’s rather bankrupt in a lot of ways. It has a couple of decent moments, but they are few and far between. It feels like a cheap imitation of what we used to love. Somehow worse than Camp Pain so there’s that too. Definitely the worst record with his name on it. He has to know someone at Nuclear Blast to get signed, then turn around and put this out. He was previously signed to Nuclear with World Under Blood…

  24. I didn’t know that. Thanks for that info

  25. Yes, love this too! Can be heard on The Rolling Stones live album called No Security!

  26. Album came out in May, so it’s a summer album for me.

  27. There was a Carlos Santana performance during the Rockaplast festival in Germany where Boyd, Roi, Carter and Dave featured while they played Exodus sometime in 1998. Roi’s solo is so haunting and chills me to the bone every time I hear it and sometimes brings tears. Just incredible, hardly have the words to describe it.

  28. I never received my Galactic Prey special edition cover CD either. I remember once on Facebook Deron telling a fan that he shouldn't expect things to arrive after he orders them. Just spend money on albums and forget you ever did it, that way if they don't show up, you aren't mad, but if they do, then it's like a fun surprise.

  29. Wow, what a total tool bag. But, considering the source, I’m not surprised at all. Treating fans like they’re suckers or personal ATMs.

  30. Is jess trying to sell them for 100 dollars like deron does would or is he selling them for standard price

  31. Sorry for such a long winded answer to your question, but I feel the need to give you the full story. Someone was selling one on eBay that I got in contact with and I let them know the things to look for to know if it is a true original or not. They took the listing down once I passed that info along to them. They then told me about a sealed original that they got from Jess for $100. They sent me pictures and it had a barcode on the back that said Distant 1999, which was sketchy cause I’ve had and seen multiple 3 line distant copies with no barcode and sealed with a black case instead of clear like theirs turned out to be. They sent pictures back to me where they removed the shrink wrap and sent me pictures of their disc and it was no doubtably a reprint. It had that full Human Drive in Hi-Fi title instead of just “in hi-fi” and the matrix didn’t read as “CAMP KILL YOURSELF L803” which are the two indicators of an original pressing or not. I’ve seen him sell them anywhere from $30 to $100. And it’s pathetic and sad that he and Deron for that matter would go so low as to treat their fans like they’re nothing more than suckers to make a few extra bucks.

  32. Fenway, 7.7.06, Live Trax Vol 6.

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