1. An ultra short duration bond fund like

  2. Which ETF do you have? It sounds like what you have is already unhedged?

  3. Realised I actually have PHAU and PHGP, so have both. Quite a difference in performance over the year.

  4. PHAU and PHGP are two tickers for exactly the same fund! See

  5. Maybe because I am investing for the long term, I shouldn’t be worried about a 6% drop. It is more the fact that Smaller companies fund has lost 28% of its value and Fundsmith equity 14%. I still feel they are the right investment because of the long term potential but I’m worried I’ve made the wrong choice because of how much I’ve lost.

  6. 5349 says:

    When you buy actively managed funds like Fundsmith Equity, you hope the fund manager's skill is such that their stock picks mean the fund outperforms (much cheaper) tracker funds.

  7. Not really a risk except that money in a SIPP can't be withdrawn if you need it sooner.

  8. It's 40k/year, and you can use allowance you didn't need for previous years. The limit will only be an issue once that Nigerian prince comes through with the money he emailed me about.

  9. 5349 says:

    I think that while you can potentially use allowance from previous years, in order to get tax relief on it, you would have to have enough earnings in the current tax year. E.g. if you had relevant earnings of £40k in this tax year, you could not get any more tax relief even if you paid £100k into a SIPP.

  10. 5349 says:

    SFU, short for slightly f*ed up.

  11. Thanks for the tips. I’m from Europe though and can’t find SCHD on my broker

  12. Maybe something like VHYL?

  13. Seems a lot more sensible than many people's pies...

  14. seems low quality but since its on amazon i will just get it if it's really bad i can always return it

  15. I have the non-TKL and quite like it. Build quality is good, reviews mostly positive.

  16. Also currently searching for a scissor switch keyboard and Stream looks interesting. How many keys can you press at once on it? (I'm worried about ghosting issues)

  17. A couple of the Amazon reviews mention it. Maybe no worse than other non-gaming keyboards but worst case is 2-key rollover. There are some combinations where if you keep two keys pressed, pressing a third does not register.

  18. A physically replicated ETF holds the index constituents in exactly the same proportions as the index by definition.

  19. Ok. I guess being a synthetic ETF makes it inherently riskier than a physically replicated ETF. That and the fact that I don't completely understand how it works are great indicators that I should stay the f away from it. xD

  20. I wouldn't say a synthetic ETF is inherently riskier. Many physically replicated ETFs engage in securities lending. There is also a theoretical risk to that. If you avoid them too because you don't understand it there might not be much left...

  21. Why getting a different broker would you give him more money? Is it has to do with the spread?

  22. Also fx fee, for US stocks you're paying ~0.3% on every in/out trade. On £10k trade size that's £30.

  23. If the person who died didn't have any UK assets, UK inheritance tax won't apply. There may be estate taxes in their country but presumably whoever deals with their estate would pay those.

  24. That’s so logical but I totally did not apply the tax…. I just used mindset “I dont need to pay divend tax = no tax”. Thank you for this.

  25. A synthetic ETF like

  26. How much are you actually paying in fees at the moment? Did you ask Scottish Widows?

  27. Definitely ask Scottish Widows about that.

  28. If you're not re-buying the same thing there is no need to wait 30 days.

  29. If you already sold the shares there's nothing to "actually" transfer to her now. If there was a verbal agreement before you sold that you gave half the shares to her, maybe you could get away with paying no CGT on the sale if you tell HMRC that?

  30. Yeah that’s what I’m wondering. I thought that once you’re married you effectively share assets anyways so I didn’t think much of it - like, didn’t think I had to formally transfer

  31. If you both say you were effectively holding her shares in trust, I can't really see HMRC having a problem with that, given that you are married.

  32. You would likely get a better return putting the money in a savings account. Winnings are tax-free however.

  33. VOO is older? (SPLG did not originally track S&P 500.) Fractional shares available on most platforms now?

  34. Voo itself isn’t older; the mutual fund is but vsnguard was late to the etf game

  35. I think VOO as an S&P 500 tracker is older than SPLG. SPLG has tracked different indices in its life.

  36. From what I understand she would not get housing benefit or council tax benefit if she had more than £16k

  37. How much savings does she currently have? Buy car with that then afterwards withdraw a smaller lump sum from pension?

  38. Let's say I can change my country of residence. Then going with EU would be better?

  39. I think EU accounts have some restrictions with currency conversions.

  40. As a U.K. trader I’ve never been hit with US regulations like PDT. We are subject to certain EU ones though (inherited into U.K. law). Maybe it’s changed recently?

  41. PDT only applies if account size is under $25k.

  42. You would get any accrued interest if you close the account.

  43. I’m aware they’re reinvested, I stated that in my post. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how it works, but can I not see the value of dividends that have been reinvested?

  44. The notional dividend would be given in that PDF document.

  45. So essentially you're bearish on GBP.

  46. W8-BEN is only for dividends from companies in the USA.

  47. If you try to buy one of those you get a message saying they are only for professional customers with prior arrangement with Vanguard UK (or words to that effect).

  48. You can do it you just need written consent from vanguard that you are a UK customer. Send an email to:

  49. Not really (for retail investors). Instead of buy/sell buttons in the IBKR app there's a trade notice which says:

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