1. It really pains me that innocent people, children, and teachers are the victims in this mess. Regardless of political stance.

  2. That’s a water bottle in her arms. And a vape in her hand. The thing on her wrist is a bracelet over the sleeve.

  3. The circle/square thing under her upper sleeve.

  4. The article: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were dragged through the mud at the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion taping Thursday ... and we're told the show got so bad, Andy Cohen had to separate 2 other cast members to prevent an assault and battery.

  5. Edit. Holy shit. I remember who this is now. Sorry y'all I was thinking of another podcaster.

  6. Janet wrote "Is this what watching sports is like?"

  7. This. This is why the internet exists. Thank you.

  8. Peter was absolutely polite and very attentive when I went to SUR. He was not working - It look like he was there for a friends bday. He stopped by the bar to check in on everyone and make sure they had everything for the night. We were sitting at the bar and we said hello. He shook our hands and hoped that we were having a good time. We then asked them for a photo and he obliged, and was very nice about the whole thing.

  9. I loved acupuncture as a relaxing/meditation type relief. Did not help my aches and pains.

  10. It would be super neat if the article addressed how the fungus is spread and/or symptoms of infection.

  11. My aunt got this after getting a pretty routine knee surgery several weeks ago, while still in the hospital. Her knee got "infected" post surgery but it wasn't healing with antibiotic treatment. They had to "culture" the wound and they determined it was this fungal infection. She said it was extremely painful and she was very lethargic. I'm guessing her body was trying to fight it off. I didn't get any other details.

  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/l41YhWbJboLC1RPAk

  13. Maybe she was pushing Rachel over to Schwartz because she had a bad feeling about Scandoval. She was doing anything to protect Ariana.

  14. My doctor said it's "probably just a muscle cramp". I didn't see anything passed exactly, but I was relieved after drinking lots of water and peeing a lot. I think I had one break up maybe?

  15. Austin's metal scene is pretty lacking. Come and Take It is pretty much the only major venue. Dirty Dog closed. Hoek's closed. Still some good shows here and there at various small venues too tho, but in general its a very very small scene.

  16. Weed eater is playing at Lost well tomorrow (Monday). They've had some awesome shows lately.

  17. Check out Think No Think! Would be a good addition to your rock mix.

  18. I would have more sympathy for her but her behavior towards Katie is vile.

  19. I think a lot of her hate of Katie comes from the Tom's if she'd hanging out when them a lot. Schwartz is probably grieving and talking shit in his own way to make himself feel better about the situation, and Scandoval is probably reinforcing it.

  20. Jax proclaiming to be the #1 guy in the group

  21. https://www.bravotv.com/vanderpump-rules/season-4/episode-16/videos/jax-says-hes-the-1-guy-in-the-group

  22. Does anyone know who took the photo of her family at night? The one where they all dressed up. Everyone looks happy in the photo apart from her - she looks scared and the way her dad is holding her shoulder seems oddly tense for a fun family night out. Maybe a coincidence, but just wondered?

  23. I thought so too. Not at her dad, but maybe even the photographer?

  24. There are 2 icons of a cheese wedge and it says made with real cheese on both. Very weird.

  25. Wadsworth, OH. They had to cancel the event at a private location due to threats, but they decided to have it in a public space. It's ridiculous that they need fear for their lives over a family friendly event.

  26. Some white alliance group also brought giant Nazi flags. Wtf?

  27. For anyone coming here and saying "BUT THEY AREN'T NAZIS", here are multiple videos from this same protest in which they are flying swastika flags and chanting "seig heil".

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