1. It's the prepaid card Samsung Pay loads into your account if you ever did one of their cashback offers, etc.

  2. You're right. Just spoke to customer service and they confirmed.

  3. I provided an update on my original post. Feel free to read.

  4. Does anybody use a tempered glass with Pixel 6 Pro with no issues?

  5. Best bang for the buck among all laptops imo. I got mine on a discount for $1499. If you can get it for $1299 then it's a bargain. But I do recommend at least 14 days in the US to test it (meaning, download and install any updates, use it on the daily and see if there are any issues).

  6. I started with the Nokia 252. Changed the antenna to one with a blinking light. 😂

  7. Wish these were in blocks. I'm getting goosebumps looking at this picture. Trypophobia kicking in.

  8. Long stem usually has a mid pitch out of the high pitch clack sound signatures. MX black with long springs is still probably highest pitched and bang for the buck.

  9. I saw a kitten get slowly run over by a semi backing up. Eyes and brains burst out as it was getting squished. I was 10 years old and that was 30 years ago. Still can't forget the image.

  10. Washington Mutual sent out mails that they could only give back up to $100k. If you had more than that it was bye bye

  11. I got a G14 for my MBA. Windows was just better for my use case. I also have a MacBook Pro but I barely use it now.

  12. Very unique. Looks classy 🤌🏽

  13. Take away Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abram and their deaf ears and blindness to the Star Wars lore then Star Wars movies can be awesome again. So much great stuff that these writers and directors can work with and we got 3 disjointed stories in the last trilogy. Sigh.

  14. My wife's friend was raped by her commanding officer while deployed. She's receiving some hush money from the government but it's so sad. She is a mental mess. Gone into the psych ward numerous times and I know it's due to her trauma. Sad because she's such a pretty girl who is smart, has multiple degrees but can sustain a job because she's just mentally compromised.

  15. I think my main issue is that the laptop needs to breathe so I don't use it on my lap. I need a lap table of some sort. Also, it's mostly a Windows issue for me. The hardware works great for my needs.

  16. I think DTR is talented and when he is in the zone, he was Heisman quality. Towards the end of the season I could see him think too much.. thus the losses against USC and Pitt.

  17. It shows your messages as MMS, which is an ancient messaging system that Apple still uses. They're so dumb and smart. I recommend using Google Messages and enable RCS from settings. When you send video or photos to other Android users you'll send it in high quality, while also being encrypted.

  18. Damn, 10 years later I guess it's still an issue. I enabled the Analysis Toolpak and I still don't see the Data Analysis option on my Data tab.

  19. I honestly like the newest one. Windows 11. It's straight to the point. Shows my favorites in the center.

  20. It's such a bummer when a human being can fight a machine like Ultron. That's just ridiculous. He was breaking apart like he was made of styrofoam.

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