1. For you I’d agree more low end pieces, or More Urethane. I wouldn’t get rid of anything though. 12 isn’t enough for sport tournaments

  2. He bowls in all kinds of tournaments and looking at college, it’s not enough

  3. Miss left, move left. Miss right, move right.

  4. Well, it seemed like I was hitting the pocket. But wasn’t getting strikes. Would moving further to the right and hooking more to the left improve my shot?

  5. Hitting the pocket doesn’t mean a good shot, too much of the head pin means you need to move in and too light means move right

  6. Until it’s the new year, the old pay scale is used

  7. Doubt it, they’re not going to firm anything up until suitability is determined

  8. Agency dependent, mine requires all AL to be used before you can request donations

  9. Your rank and experience in military will easily transfer over to the grade that it aligns with. Hard to say exactly which GS with the information given.

  10. Rank means nothing, some E-4s can get GS-13 after 4 years of service and some O-4s can barely sniff a GS-7. All depends on what you did and if there’s a civilian equivalent

  11. This is a government position page, not contractors.

  12. I have a piggyback question for Axe Bat users - do they dent/crack faster than other bats?

  13. I’d be more concerned about failing compression quicker

  14. I’m still a novice at bowling only been bowling for about a year that’s why I’m asking for recommendations to be more well informed. Just trying to learn more.

  15. I bowl one handed two finger no thumb closest to a cranker style

  16. Ok so higher revs and slower speed. I’d look at solid symmetrical ones, like IQ tour, Zen hybrid (Soul I think), Hustle solid cover stock etc since you shouldn’t need that strong of a cover like the Phaze 2

  17. For league I’d go Motive Venom Shock/Storm Phaze 2 and Pearl asymmetrical for transition.

  18. Get the camera behind you, I like how free your swing is. This angle you could use some knee bend and a skip step. Just need to see where your swing goes with a better camera angle

  19. It’s your shoulders, lead your downswing with right shoulder pointing at target.

  20. On those nights start with weaker equipment so you don’t force yourself in so much

  21. Yes accept. EOD, salary change etc.. could’ve been updated if you tried negotiating

  22. Wait for what? You’re wanting reconsideration for the higher grade, they’re prepping paperwork at the lower grade

  23. You’re right. However, HR has not contacted me at all, so I have no contact other than the hiring managers email. The job post also doesn’t even include a contact or generic email. Hence why I posted this initially. I would have reached out directly. But since it’s verbal and no interview and I only know due to me checking the level today after speaking with hiring manager, I’ll wait for HR to contact. Because like many posts on here as well, verbal offer means nothing and I wouldn’t want to jump through hoops just for HR to never send a TO.

  24. Check your spam/junk mail, should have received NOR email stating the above from USAstaffing. HR is the one that sent it

  25. Use 4K and see, polish might make it too flippy on the backend depending on ball

  26. You have to find what works for you, I’m a righty but left eye dominant so what I look at I “hit” 2 boards in (look at 10 and I consistently hit 12 etc). The closer you look the more you project the ball out, so if you look at dots it’ll get outside quicker than if you look beyond the arrows. Be mindful of your slide and make sure it’s consistent as well, you don’t want to be sliding on 18 one shot and 22 another while looking at same target.

  27. Could have chose non competitive hiring authority, internal, etc or will repost to get DHA for extra incentives to find a person. Just keep applying and strengthen resume

  28. It’s a GS-5, they’re not going to hold out until spring/summer for an entry level position

  29. Catch the ball in front of the plate

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