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  1. Nutella, sorry ive tried so many knock offs and nothing hits like the real thing

  2. Had my cat 13 years now , for some reason he’s recently developed an intense hatred for the USB lead I have hanging off the front of my PC . He knows he’ll get shouted at if he attacks it whilst I’m sat there , so now waits till im on the phone or cooking

  3. Imagine if everyone who worked retail jobs went on strike, they also had to work through the pandemic and deal with shitty people face to face everyday for less than half of what tfl get a year

  4. If you're from the uk get some sterimar or something similar if you're elsewhere

  5. The way people just film and dont actually help

  6. My work husband always says, when confronted with crazy, act crazier.

  7. Its not just a tree its sentimental and its also apart of the environment, imagine killing all the trees because they cast shade? We wouldn't breathe? What is wrong with people lmao NTA your neighbours are just control freaks and entitled, maybe put a fence up as high as youre allowed so the tree isnt blocking the light but a huge ass fence is

  8. Go put the trolley outside her house NTA

  9. I tried a few brands before i tried purina beta sensitive and my dog seems to be doing fine on it her poops are a lot more healthy now but im still keeping an eye out

  10. Lol he needs to go to a doctor if he thinks he has it, most people with ocd really dont care about cleaning or being organised thats not what its about, it goes way deeper. He seems to just want to be perfect and in control, ocd in a simple way to explain is more if i dont do this action or say this thing right someone will die or ill cause a catastrophic event and its all my fault for not doing a simple action. So dont give him any info but just ask him what makes him think he has ocd and how he feels when he's triggered and i think youll find the truth there

  11. Shit... in my country, pregnant girls that age were pretty common, they just gave away the baby to a "casa patronal" , a rich ppl big house iin the country side. The child would be a servant / slave for the rest of his/her life.

  12. I noticed she’d deleted the tweet! I wonder why she’s stopped using victims names in titles too. So dehumanising

  13. Probably so the families can't find them

  14. Patience really you need the patience of a saint with these dogs and you need to be prepared to basically give up your life as you know it.

  15. Ughhhh not another story of a rescue probably downplaying a dog’s issues or withholding information. I have a rescue too and they just said she was “shy” which is true, but they forgot to mention a heck of a lot of things that go along with that shyness, many of which are displayed by lunging, growling, etc.

  16. I just dont think they get enough individual time with the dogs, plus they're in their care for a long time so they probably are sweet and gentle for them but once they come here they've been thru so much stress, its sad on both parts

  17. Poor dog man :( so unfair for them humans are so unkind sometimes

  18. We try mixing in warm meat (like unseasoned boiled chicken) into his dry food. Most of the time, the kibble will stick to the chicken so he doesn't notice he is eating it either. Obviously this worked with chicken but I bet it could work with other warms foods too.

  19. Oh she lovesss that but im just afraid of giving it to her every meal incase it makes her sick or is bad for her diet? I keep reading online its okay every now and then just not daily

  20. She's a year old, so she's not technically a "pup" anymore. If her breed or mix is known, pls post that - it might provide some insights.

  21. I know its a bad habit 😂🤦‍♂️ even my past dog at 11 years old i always called a pup, she's just my baby hahaha

  22. Im guessing ur the plug or u know the plug ? 😂🤦‍♂️

  23. Pretty good liar here, i dont ever do it to hurt people i usually tell little white lies to save peoples feelings, for example something silly but lets say my puppy peed on the floor and not the pad? Ill tell my partner the dog peed half on half off bless her she just cant aim right.. 😬 i know its not good but i just want an easy life 😂

  24. Yeah but then i know everything scares and stresses her out so i take her on a nice walk after 😂

  25. You seemed to have done everything you could and you gave him 6 years of love and patience. He's a fearful dog and everything seems to be scaring him poor boy, ive heard a lot of labs and retrievers are becoming genetically predisposed to problems like this and being a rescue probably hasnt helped either. I wish you all the best and dont feel guilty, sometimes the hardest decisions are the best

  26. Probably being a dog but only in a nice loving loving house

  27. Crush it up and mix it with some meat and "accidentally" drop it on the floor

  28. Americans at it again being pieces of shits

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