1. Yet another reason for me to fucking hate people. You get a vaccine BECAUSE you're healthy and want to stay that way, Asshat.

  2. I don't believe I made any reference, or claim stating that covid COULDN'T be transmitted, or even caught, if vaccinated. My claim was him stating he shouldn't HAVE to get vaccinated because he's "healthy" was completely assinine. If me using the word fuck disturbs you more than his completely idiotic reasoning, you might be part of the problem.

  3. Don't ask if you can do it on the first date. Hell, or even the first time you have sex. Gradually work your way there.

  4. Because its easier to tell a woman to cover up than hold men responsible to keep their sexual urges in check.

  5. I hope that your own advice to yourself isn't chalked up to unjust anger later. You've told yourself what is happening and what you need to do to correct it. It isn't an easy road ahead, but the road to this point hasn't been easy either has it.. I promise you that the pain you've felt that has driven you to feel so numb and devastated will be a thing of the past much sooner than you thought when you finally go through with it. You have tried to work on this. He will try to act as if you haven't tried enough. The fact is that you shouldn't have had to try.. Not for the bare minimum that isn't even met. Do not fall for that trap. It is a lie. The truth is that it will keep happening. You'll explode and leave, he'll plead and "change," for a little while. Then it will happen again, and again, and again, for years. It will happen until he decides he wants to change for himself, or until you leave. You do not live forever. Please don't waste more time on someone asking you to give them all of yours, without giving anything in return. That's a love to question, no matter how hard it may seem.. You've got this friend. Please take care.

  6. Make budder. Infuse it in olive oil ans make some kick ass pasta sauce. Grind it up and roll joints with it.

  7. I've been on Ocrevus for 4 years now. I haven't had a flare up, or any major disease activity since. Do I still have symptoms? Absolutely. I was diagnosed in 2004 and have some major lesions in both my brain and spine. Those will never go away unless science comes up with a cure, or a way to reverse the damage.

  8. I have a prescription for Modafinil for my fatigue issues. As a secondary effect, it works fantastically well for my clarity and speed of thought (cog fog).

  9. I do take adderall twice a day and that helps, but I can still feel the fog often. Its like this weird almost sleepy, confused feeling where I have to stop and remind myself what Im doing.

  10. Yeah, I get that feeling. It's like I'm trying to wade through molasses just to have a conversation.

  11. I think I have some undiagnosed ADHD going on as well...so maybe thats why the adderall works for me. I tried Modafinil, but I didn't have the same effects as the adderall. In a way, it almost feels like this disease has turned me into an addict.

  12. This might have been true in a different time where a woman was taught she had to be completely reliant on a man, but I think it's totally an exaggerated number in this era. Once a woman comes to the realization that she has what a man wants...she doesn't HAVE to fight for anything.

  13. Then whats up with everyone not wanting to be single?

  14. I think its a coming of age thing that some don't go through, some go through it and abuse the knowledge...but at some point you also have to learn the whole, "With great power, comes great responsibility." thing.

  15. Throw a couple of dryer sheets in an empty toilet paper roll and blow your smoke through it while pointed up at the running bathroom fan. 😉

  16. That works! If the dryer sheets dont have much of a smell, you can also spritz them with some perfume to help. It might not be a 100% fail proof, but spray some fabreze or the like before you leave the bathroom, keep the window open and close the door.

  17. that’s horrible, my mother did something very similar. these people cannot be trusted at any level.

  18. As a adult looking back, I realize that she looks at things the way she WANTS them to be and that becomes her truth...as opposed to reality and actual events. She had a shitty life with my abusive, alcoholic step father and I think she gaslights herself as a coping mechanism. It definitely doesn't make it right by any means, and it SERIOUSLY fucked me up for a long time, but understanding her has definitely set up boundaries and helped me escape my own mental hell trying to figure out what to do to gain their approval and acceptance.

  19. My senior year of high school, I supplemented their drinking money with my shitty part time job at McDonald's while I was going to high school and collegeat the same time, they pocketed all of the money I received from family for my high school graduation...but the real kicker came after I moved out 2 months later.

  20. Im a woman. My hobbies would have been cooking, cleaning, birthing babies and being completely submissive and compliant to my husband.

  21. You know...don't focus on making a move. Focus on talking to them. Ask them questions about anything and everything. Talk about their life and tell them things about yours...your childhood, who your favorite people are, what you envision your future to look like.

  22. There is no such thing as"normal". Everyone is weird in their own way. Anyone who judges you, or decides not to like you for exactly who, and what, you are....fuck them.

  23. Did you receve an explanation of benefits (EOB) from her insurance stating she did not owe the balance per her plan and the hospital's contract with them? If not, call the insurance and request it.

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