1. Why isn't the old railroad bridge at Winchester Road and the Flint pictured?

  2. I personally know a lot of the people in that organization because I'm a Lawrence County native. They're definitely capable of totally missing this detail.

  3. just trying to get some bells and "long green peppers(assuming some sort of plabano)" to start, several weeks and not so much as a shoot. my lemon seed has finally sprouted tho

  4. Are they in pots or in the ground? The only way I have luck with bells, poblanos, and bananas is to put them in tilled earth.

  5. Do you grind up into a powder? Would make great dry seasoning.

  6. Because of this thread I ordered a spare cap. Last night my AC went out and I had it fixed, thanks to the spare cap, in under 8 minutes. I felt like a freaking genius.

  7. SoDoSoPa is so great. I think all city governments should watch what happens when you do this . You will be competing against CtPa Town

  8. I won't have a loft if it doesn't have a view of historic Kenny's House.

  9. Oh wow. I wondered what umpteen police vehicles were doing there!

  10. Also no, this is not near gate 7. But it is my understanding that this is not an uncommon issue, it's caused by the red clay of the soil around here and poor infill practices.

  11. It's not necessarily red clay, but "high plastic" clay. High plastic means it can grab onto more moisture than other soils and still be in a semisolid strong state. Conversely, it can dessicate and lose a lot of volume of water during dry periods. Intersting note: If a sample of soil is 50% water by weight, it can have over 2.5 times the volume made up of water compared to soil.

  12. The genius who did these subdivisions harvested their fill dirt from the same floodplain!

  13. Floodplain soils are usually better for fill (most of the clay particles wash away while silts and sands are left behind). With that being said, some areas of high plastic clay can certainly remain!

  14. Well I may be single again but honestly, it doesn't bother me! I'm looking forward to smoking some peppers, playing with a new astrophotography camera, and doing a bit of fishing this weekend!

  15. Congrats OP! My wife and I are nearly 30. My cars paid off, we're working on her car and the mortgage. I doubt we will pay it all off as quickly as you but we're hoping by 40!

  16. Congratulations. You do know that you have done something that people think can't happen nowadays.

  17. It wasn't easy but I tried to take it in small chunks starting at 18 years old. I went to community college for my basics because it was a quarter to a third of tuition from the universities. I didn't move out until I was 27 because I was saving up the whole time. Lived in the cheapest apartment I could find to build up a credit history and used the rest of my savings to put a big down payment on the house. Long term strategies are what I like to plan with.

  18. Sheet metal and glass can be replaced, I'm just exceedingly glad my kid doesn't truly comprehend what happened and just thinks the broken safety glass is 'pretty like diamonds' and 'really cool' while understanding it can still cut her.

  19. +1 for Wyze. My little one was about $35 and I can see a live feed anytime I want via their smartphone app.

  20. He was part of a marine corps band I believe

  21. Is this the same thing as a metal detector? They've got those at Robin Rents.

  22. I'm gonna say no. This is specifically for finding steel reinforcement in cast concrete.

  23. It's something that my mother started making years ago. It's mayonnaise, mustard, malt vinegar, hot pepper flakes, garlic powder, and a dash of liquid smoke.

  24. Sweet! Thanks! Do you just throw it all in until it looks right/has the right consistency? I’m wanting to give it a try.

  25. Bingo! Our family as a whole doesn't really do sweet sauces, especially BBQ sauce. Most of the sauces we like are tangy/vinegary/super hot. Maniac is PERFECT for smoked chicken.

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