1. Born in Buffalo and lived there for 45 years. Never thought I'd leave but life takes some odd turns sometimes and now I'm in New Jersey. Die-hard sabres fan since day 1.

  2. I have the sabres beanie baby from 97, a hasek jersey from the 90's with at least a dozen autographs and a cameo message from RJ that my kids got for me.

  3. Pipe dream - Fleury. I have a weird feeling Anderson will retire...

  4. So far my one take away is our boys are a hell of a lot more fun to watch.

  5. I live in Jersey now...so no one, just the Sabres. There was a brief period of time when I liked Boston, but I was a kid with a crush on Esposito.

  6. I thought it was one of the better anthems I've heard this year!

  7. From a displaced Sabres fan in New Jersey, a huge thank you to all who made this game sell out, RJ deserves to hear the roar of the crowd tonight!!! Be LOUD, Be PROUD, GO SABRES!!!

  8. And fuck you Anderson for showboating before the game is over.

  9. It was a really big personal milestone for him, one he didn't think he would reach...

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