1. Wow a storm l-drago, that bey is difficult to find, GG

  2. Nice, those are midfakes but as long as you want to play with them and not collecting, you are golden. Happy blading!

  3. Wonderful, I yet have to bite the bullet on that remake set, but I actually want it so bad

  4. Beyblade wiki will give you the info you are looking for

  5. Its fine, you can post updates and all, no worries

  6. My picks are Phantom orion (Takara Tomy), Twisted Tempo (Takara Tomy or Hasbro), but if you want to go all in, Diablo Nemesis (Takara Tomy or Hasbro).

  7. My bad, you are right. I got fooled by that Hades Kerbecs at the end, guess they meant the remake

  8. I personally have a (very) big box with all kind of basic launchers from all 3 generations of beyblades.

  9. laughs in QuadStrike, which some singles don’t include launchers

  10. They most likely forgot, like for paint and gimmicks :4301:

  11. What other people are saying is correct, you can try selling here directly, but people feel more safe if you post it on some trusted website (e g. Ebay). You can post the link and pictures here then.

  12. Sadly, I doubt my boss would be cool with a whole ass stadium sitting on my work desk. :P Looking for smaller alternatives.

  13. You can look into the stadium that came with the mini beyblades, or any "mini" knockoff stadium.

  14. I’m starting to believe you ARE illiterate. BelleJiu do sell fakes from time to time. But the ones they say are TT are never fake. Whenever they do sell a fake, they ALWAYS say in the title the name of the brand. That’s the point I’m trying to convey…

  15. Can you link me to a fake sold by BelleJiu?

  16. Yeah the boxes look like midfakes, you mean metal fight beyblades right? OG is commonly referred as the first gen beyblades, aka plastic gen

  17. Box colors are ok, code is H1010 on meteo l-drago usually, my guess goes on a late production batch.

  18. It is an ok bey, universe driver does not help with attack, but it performs good in the DB stadium

  19. I see, we do not allow is this real/fake posts, your s gear looks ok to me tho

  20. Ryo: "Hey Gingka, let's battle! I bet you can't beat my newly evolved Phoenix"

  21. Its fake please read the rules of the subreddit

  22. Hasbro doesn't have midfakes so you should be good

  23. Very amazing, Got rid of it and decided to buy TT's from a seller.

  24. Great idea.. glad you went for the safe choice!

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