1. It’s gotta be C, A is monstrous, B is too normal, and D is too good to be true and I’m buying ingredients now.

  2. Not chili but sloppy joe on top of mashed or roasted potatoes is pretty damn good. Beats using a bun and getting slop everywhere.

  3. I'm pretty sure the Rite Aid in Ottawa, OH (south of Napoleon) has the only permit to sell liquor in Putnam County.

  4. I’m a fan of their cask strength offerings available at the distillery. They all drink a little hot, but with a little water, they are gold. The wheat whiskey is really cool too.

  5. I was lucky enough to do a blind group tasting through Prohibition Tavern in Powell. The blind samples ended up being samples of the single barrel OHLQ picks that got released later in the week. The Honeycomb one, which I think was the highest proof, was good but definitely hot. Their "dusty" or whatever it was called was the most intriguing since they said they used well seasoned barrels to age it in.

  6. Grossi is talking on speaker phone in a crowded room lol. Why is everyone at this radio station so bad at their jobs? I mean Bowl is out today and his producer and other co-host are doing the show on 97.1 and they're miles better than these supposed "radio veterans".

  7. Laziness and lack of accountability. Fishmang sucks at his job and Gumz doesn’t give a shit because he’s using this station to launder money or cheat on his taxes (or boLth)

  8. I have to assume that they have a much more profitable side of their business and this station in particular is just a money sink to try to get their corporate taxes down to 0. I'm sure all of the top executives take salaries from this station as well as others, which just increases the loss they already operate at.

  9. It could be worse. It could be MLS trying to force a rivalry between two teams that don't think about each other, like they tried to do with us and SKC.

  10. That sucks. Wyze makes pretty cheap cameras. We had one of those setup outside and it held up to the weather just fine. Just make sure to pop a memory chip in it and you should be able to watch videos or the live stream through the app.

  11. Naomi was a fantastic “WWE” wrestler. She’s athletic as hell, great look, and had the underdog appeal that made the crowd connect with her. She’d be great everywhere she goes but she was perfect in WWE. They molded her into a really great all-around wrestler and if she stayed I’m sure she would’ve been champ again.

  12. Which means that she'll end up in AEW as an instant heel thanks to Booker of the Year Tony "The Dog Wanking Snowman" Kahn.

  13. Same as Ember. Speaking of, what happened to Ember? She disappeared

  14. Not every startup has to cure cancer or work on machine learning. I agree this is a bit dystopian, but a 14-pod unit could save enough in rent to buy a house, cash, every year.

  15. If I were younger, single, and lived in a HCOL area I would definitely consider this. However, there are disadvantages to this. If you get a bad roommate or 2 that's just going to ruin it for everyone else. Also, good luck not having people steal your food so you're going to end up spending $25/day minimum on takeout unless you're drinking protein shakes for breakfast & fasting until dinner. What about the dishes? Is there a chore chart? Yeah, good luck getting someone who's paying to live there to fall in line with communal living.

  16. $800. I read the article yesterday. Apparently that includes all utilities.

  17. How the fuck many commercials did "Lily" from AT&T make? Every game I watch is a different commercial. What a sweet gig. Like Flo, making bank off one boring character.

  18. She only got hired because of her giant rack and then she started complaining about everyone oogling them. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

  19. It is vodka, Triplesec (Grand Marnier in my case because of my refined tastes) and lime juice. Shake. Serve over ice.

  20. I looked it up after you mentioned it. I think I'd like that. I'm also a Grand Marnier fan, although the cork on my bottle rotted out and I had to dump the last half of the bottle. They should switch to synthetic corks.

  21. I feel ya and used to do something similar when I worked outside in construction. Now I just smoke them while doing yard work or out on the deck after the kid goes to bed.

  22. I just sent comments to my State Senator and State House Representative to ask them to vote no on House Resolution 1 and Senate Bill 92. My House Rep is a Democrat so I'm not worried about her vote but my State Senator is a Republican so I am worried about her vote. She seems fairly consistent and more centrist so I have some hope. Not sure if it'll be enough though.

  23. I even said as much in my message to her. I voted for er to represent me, not herself or her party. I used to be more centrist but with Trump, whom I didn't vote for in either election, and the repeated asshattery surrounding the state congressional maps I've moved significantly farther to the left. I will never vote Republican again because of this shot. They might be cow towing to the older population but once they're gone they're absolutely fucked.

  24. Low key this is a very prudent jerk. Why not promote this in the manner of this one dude is a beast in his territory and Kenny hasn’t been working singles and is under threat of a loss on his own turf etc.

  25. Good job pointing this out Uce. You're absolutely right. This branding of the match as a "Dream Match" allows us a peek behind the curtain to how & why Tiny actually books matches, which is that he simply uses star ratings in the upcoming AEW game to match up wrestlers in real life. Don't worry, he runs 3 simulated matches to make sure it looks cool before he books the real life match.

  26. Seems like Columbus needs a lot more housing and affordable housing at that.

  27. It does, but so do most larger cities. I'm assuming Cleveland needs the same thing. To be fair Columbus might be the cheapest of the larger, quickly growing cities so I don't think it's a large issue here. Rent has definitely shot up though. 30% increases at a lot of apartment complexes. Luckily I bought a house a few years back so I'm good there.

  28. Maybe downtown Cleveland but overall the area was built to hold a larger population than it has. Renting is expensive I believe, but you can still buy a house in many suburbs around Northeast Ohio in the low 200s.

  29. Nice. I bought a house up in Dublin in 2018 for myself and my now wife and wished I had just bought one sooner. Maybe when I was single and should've bought south of downtown in Hungarian or Merion Village. We're waiting for Intel & others before we try to move a little farther north into Dublin proper.

  30. Never heard of the Laws but I'm interested in a bonded rye. I have a bottle of that pumpernickel rye. It's not an every day type of pour for me but it hits the spot well whenever I do pour one. Enjoy!

  31. There's gonna have to be some setback distance from the other uses such as residences, hospital, and hotels. The hotels makes a ton of sense since those are already there. Also will have to account for the required parking spaces needed, depending if they go with just a surface lot, a garage or combo of both. Only small disadvantage is there is no transit access to help offset traffic and parking.

  32. It's the Midwest. Just pave over everything and don't worry about that other liberal commie hand-out shit like public transportation.

  33. Well it’s a little misleading as Cleveland has a much larger surrounding area population wise to bolth.

  34. Metropolitan Statistical Area population according to Wikipedia:

  35. Maybe Preston's would do something similar to this. They make smash burgers like this.

  36. Meltzer is the biggest carney in the game today. He gets people to pay him $11.99/month for a level of bullshit and half truths that are only rivaled by Trump.

  37. https://www.reddit.com/r/Columbus/comments/lghw81/whats_up_with_this_rita_tax_thing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  38. I'm not an expert but you should only owe income tax for the period you were a resident or you worked in the city of Columbus. I could be wrong.

  39. KIL looks like a fortune teller in New Orleans that predicts your untimely death.

  40. What we drinking today, boys? Got me a Departed Soles "Still Punk as F***."

  41. 24 oz can of Narragansett. Drinking this while watching the game and making pizzas at home.

  42. This really puts into perspective the $28 that I paid for a 2 oz pour of Thomas H Handy a few years ago at a local watering hole in Columbus.

  43. LA is a lot bigger, so you have to account for size as well in your assessment.

  44. It's also close to sea level with hills to the east & north so the smog tends to get trapped. We don't have the same problem here.

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