1. If you read the article, that's not what it says.

  2. So he was just cruising around with some drugs up his ass like any normal Tuesday, because that's just what he does?

  3. Why would it make a difference if he told you at the scene or at the jail? Still a felony to possess heroin, right?

  4. Bringing it into the jail is an extra charge that adds years. Although in reality simple possession is usually zero jail time, time served, just probation. Bringing it into the jail makes it likely he'll do at least a year.

  5. Well, a couple of reasons. Many of which I won't list, and I'm sure other users will be happy to expand upon:

  6. Public property does not mean public access. My tax money funded nuclear missiles but I don't expect to be granted access to the silos.

  7. She believed the FBI installed cameras in her chest and that we were refusing to take them out in order to torture her.

  8. Stories like this are why I say ACAB. Should've helped that poor lady.

  9. I bet with the scarcity of skilled reliable tradesmen the determination has changed for some people. I'll be building a pantry in my mother's house this fall because after months of searching she couldn't find anyone willing to do the job for a reasonable price.

  10. This plus the availability of YouTube showing you how-to. I've done a LOT of repairs and upgrades thanks to people online filming them doing it themselves first.

  11. What brand of motorized blinds did you get and how easy are they to install? How do you like them so far?

  12. I got the Ikea ones. Super easy to install. I would like them but I installed the bracket a hair too close to the wall, causing them to get stuck and they bind. Operator error.

  13. Meanwhile, if you follow policy A, you break policy B and C. So you're fucked no matter what.

  14. That's confidential. It's literally exempt from government records requests.

  15. My son in law broke down in my driveway in Michigan. He called AAA and we are still waiting. This happened last summer

  16. AAA is hit or miss based on your location. I'm a state cop so I come across people using AAA all the time. Sometimes they show up in under 20 minutes. Sometimes they show up in 6 hours after you call them a dozen times.

  17. Four local agencies around me pay more than mine and have lateral bonuses right now. I earn enough to pay my bills. Money isn't everything.

  18. https://www.lapdonline.org/newsroom/death-of-los-angeles-police-officer-houston-ryan-tipping-nr22287ml/

  19. TL;DR: The deceased was an instructor and role-playing 1v1 as an aggressor against a bicycle officer. The deceased went in for a takedown that caused the bicycle officer to be lifted off the ground. As the bicycle officer fell, he grabbed the deceased's head and/or neck as a reaction and they both went down, landing on each other. The fall caused the injuries. Aid was immediately rendered.

  20. I tried catching jackrabbits as a kid. Not happening. They're rockets with ears.

  21. One of the legal criteria for lethal force is, judging from an average officer on scene, if deadly force was justified. Every officer shooting lends legal support for the justification. They're all trained the same and all made the same decision.

  22. Alternatively phrased, "If you buy a high powered car, you are immune from traffic laws." That is not the message we want the public to get.

  23. I definitely understand that but I question at what point does a traffic violation such as speeding in a car meant to handle high speeds warrant a 150 MPH chase

  24. Follow it long enough for the airplane to get in position, meet them when they stop.

  25. va is like that. i dont do stops anymore

  26. I stopped someone today for a window tint violation. Her: "I've had my windows tinted for 3 years and never been stopped!" Me: "We normally don't have time but today I do."

  27. I left this review at for my local Chase branches a few years ago...

  28. I don't understand why anyone still banks with any large bank. Local credit union, as part of a national credit union network, seem to be the best customer oriented option.

  29. I’ve had no issues with Discover. Do they count as a big bank?

  30. I have them as an online-only bank for the APR but they're not my primary bank.

  31. That sucks. I wouldn't put any of the blame on you - you didn't do the work and got multiple quotes.

  32. I want to add that this also works for law enforcement when they have no probable cause to search or question you. People with any form of authority can ask you to do something and you may comply because you think it is an order you have to follow.

  33. “Under the color of law” is a valid enhancement though

  34. Yes. Unless you own the parking lot or have permission to be there.

  35. Must be staged. Cops have literally never done anything good for anyone ever.

  36. Not to doxx myself, but I know both of these officers very well. The male FTO came from the south end of the department which is all gangsters with guns and the female officer was in her 4th month.

  37. What was their punishment for the policy violation?

  38. No, and yes. We only have the initial state required test.

  39. No. It would be super easy to drive and shoot a rifle out of either window. To hit your target would be damn near impossible, but no one was hit during the chase, correct?

  40. Insider info is suggesting two patrol cars were disabled in the pursuit and multiple shots were to the police windshields. That won't be in any news report for a while.

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