1. I have no idea, it looked like paper? I didn't look at it from really close by haha

  2. Something that really bugs me is when people say 'I bought a Polaroid'...and it's an Instax.

  3. Polaroids were so prevalent that Polaroid is pretty much synonymous with instant film. It’s like people saying ”I’ll Google that“ for searching something on the internet, “Kleenex” for tissues, “Q Tip” for cotton swabs, “Band-Aid” for adhesive bandages, and countless other products.

  4. Well, yeah, of course. People over here also say 'my Kodak' to any ol' camera. But when you say 'I have an Audi' when you have a Ford, it's also not the same. They are both cars and basically equal in function and whatnot, sure. But...not the same thing.

  5. Hi all, I'm new here. Today we got everything in order to start with IUI on my next cycle (currently on day 20, so probably in like 6-8 days).

  6. She has one wonky eye and is missing half of her tail, but she still pulls it off ♥️

  7. Hey cool, another member of the Kortesem Beringen Connection!

  8. I just love looking at that. The shapes and colours all work so well together.

  9. What's wrong with me? Oeh, don't open that door...

  10. Omg yes. I'm so bad at this, I just cut my food and then proceed to eat it with my fork in my right hand and don't touch my knife until I need it again. Really don't care if it looks like I'm 10 years old, I just want to eat my dinner without dropping everything in my plate because I can't do shit with my left hand lol

  11. He is so cute! ;o; is it just the angle or are his paws actually that big? He looks like he’s got a nice pair of mitts 😂

  12. Nope, his paws really are that big! He really is a huge kitty haha

  13. Lol that’s awesome! I’m sure he’s as cuddly as he looks :D

  14. Oh yes! He's the king of the neighbourhood, but a tiny cuddly baby when he's with us!

  15. Oh I haven't shared him there yet, good idea haha

  16. He likes gentle pettings, but I'm not sure what he thinks about kisses haha

  17. doitdoitdoit. He looks so smoochable!!

  18. Was expecting some braces gone wild with the nsfw title lol. On a serios note i got them in my 30s and I'm so happy i did. We only get one life...and everyday is a new experience. Anyone out there contemplating just do it! You'll feel so good in your own smile once it's over.

  19. Agreed! Got them off recently at 36 and very happy I did it

  20. Ideally it's better to do it younger, but it never is too late! (not that it's bad to do it when you're an adult)

  21. We didn't have the money when I was younger, so I grew up with crooked teeth. Had braces only on the uppers for a short while when I was 18, but they just helped a little. I still had trouble eating and such.

  22. Of course! My point is just that if you are able to. I'm really looking forward to getting my own out and to see the progress, haha. Great job, I'm happy for you!

  23. Thanks! I hope you will be happy with your results too

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