1. I don’t think either one is less disturbing.. I think they’re both equally disgusting and horrific

  2. Love how my post got removed for spoilers saying “I’m upset about Mikhail” but never said any spoilers. And this post goes right on with the details lol

  3. Life with smart phones have been so strange ..

  4. I didn’t specify anything ! And this was already said days ago on this sub!

  5. Agree. Plus, in the books striogoi look more like their moroi counter parts than the ones portrayed in the show. It makes it easier for them to move in human cities and to find humans

  6. Yeah this was kind of werid when seeing the striogoi for the first time. I was like.. ummm basically they should jsut be super pale and have red eyes.. not look like zombie demons from the depths of hell lmao

  7. This is insane and psychotic and terrifying. What the fuck how do you need to even ask for advice regarding this situation. This is clear as day. Get out of there, run leave asap.

  8. Good that’s the medicine trying to help you pay attention to your own self and your own mind

  9. I have very intense anxiety/social anxiety and psychedelics are one of the only things that have helped me

  10. Yup same. I always say if you have anxiety do acid 😂

  11. Rose dark haired and exotic looking. Very dark tan skin, dark hazel eyes, long dark thick coarse yet silky hair sharp facial features

  12. He is ugly. He is sick in the head wanted to inflict misery and pain … bc he is in misery and pain and it’s turned his insides ugly and ya know what? That really is the most repulsive thing to be around.

  13. I mean I’ve been living non attracted to anyone for years… I live my life as a normal human. Went to graduate school for my dream job, do yoga, see friends , travel to colorado or something, go to a few festivals, work hard as hell … I mean if you are feeling lonely that’s a diff question .. if you’re lonely give yourself the attention your mind and body craves. Sit with yourself in silence and listen to your emotions and verbally acknowledge your emotions. They just wanna be heard…. Do some yoga. Plan a movie night with yourself. Get take out or cook yourself a meal. Get popcorn and pick a movie .. take yourself out to eat lunch alone and treat yo self… go spend time in nature and thank nature for being so gosh darn beautiful just for your eyes to see …. Cater to yourself.. your own emotions. Find things u like alone. It’s actually pretty freeing and wonderful.

  14. I mean… I would be really happy with 83K a year before taxes for 25 clients per week.. but that’s just me I guess lol

  15. I would too. But it’s not 43 an hour for 40 hours a week. It’s per session

  16. Ohhhh… yeah that kinda changes things. I see why you posted. Does kinda suck :(

  17. Did anyone else find the blood center scene, both where the old lady talks to Christian and Lissa, super cringe? It felt so unnatural, so badly directed too. Idk

  18. I deff found it weird that he wa having a therapy session w her basically jsut to then lean over and take her blood and give her an addictive High essentially lol

  19. Who doesn’t like tipper 😆

  20. You can lead a horse to water, but a dumb horse is a dumb horse. -__-

  21. Lmao never heard this version before and I will absolutely be using it 😂

  22. Deff bongo bong layer... wow really wanted to get this song live

  23. This is a dope blanket. Did u get it off the bassnectar website ?

  24. So far it’s pretty good. A little low budget but the acting is on point. I really like Lissa’s character the most and roses character is pretty good too. They all are shaping out to be like the book. On episode 4, so far it’s not bad

  25. So. Pisces represents , the undoing, karma, the deep dark mysterious unknown depths of the ocean where all the pressure lies.

  26. adding “that’s just me tho” to the most profound description is such an astrologer thing😂😂

  27. Does your manager not go over every tip on the checkout sheet before you're allowed to leave? Also it's never "intention," it's "go with the guest" here.

  28. No mine never has I’ve been a server in various restaurants for 10 Years

  29. Uranus in 4th house or on ic. it was so shocking how astrology was sooo real. as I moved, Uranus in Taurus was direct on my IC at 6 degrees. i was shocked. though I say Uranus is great indicator because Uranus is more of that unexpected move or that move that is new and weird to you

  30. Great thanks ! Uranus won’t be transiting my 4th… infact NOTHING will when I plan to move next year. I’m a Taurus rising … so I’m worried. But Jupiter will be transiting my first house taurus next summer and and Saturn my 11th house of goals and new friendships etc next summer as well so we’ll seee

  31. https://www.astrologyzone.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-mercury-retrograde/

  32. I feel like I am a true moderate.

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