1. They really need to change the "prestige" wording to "level up and get farther in the game" because people are too damn scared to "prestige" all the time for some reason

  2. It's not about GE, it's about artifacts needed

  3. You are wrong, I know enough players who have more than enough GE left over but can not craft anything anymore because they used up all the materials they had, even though they never recycled any artifacts and started collecting right when artifacts came out. And all of those players are level 21. 22 might be possible. 30 is cheating.

  4. What was the reason for making this many? Is there a challenge or something? I'm fairly new, still haven't 99% everything

  5. The usual reason is money. Dragon javelins are one the few end game strategies for money. Most people won't need to craft more than 1/10 of what I did, but I didn't plan my initial resource gathering very well and as a result it snowballed out of control after the initial ore mining.

  6. Ohhhh ok, so basically it was better to make the dragon javelins and make a lot of gp rather than waste the resources and just selling those?

  7. Check out the 1st sentence instead of the 2nd lol you can’t be serious dude. Delete this you look like a bozo

  8. Out of all the times people forget about South Carolina how is this the one time where someone gets our state right but then puts Oregon where Nevada should be.

  9. Yeah Nevada is definitely not where Oregon is relative to this map lmao...

  10. I'll trade you for some purple thunder, I didn't care for overdrive but it seems like a lot of people like it

  11. I'd be willing to trade a purple thunder for overdrive if we just pay for shipping

  12. Go to your workshop and in the top right corner there is a "respec" option to refund all your coins that you've spent in the workshop. You have to finish the lab research first to enable this.

  13. It depends if you have any range research in your lab. What I do is put a point (or max doesn't matter) in for your orbs and check what range they're at, and slowly put points in your range until the orbs are circling the perimeter you want. Your card orbs can always be adjusted.

  14. Not a visual glitch. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Posted it on here. Got the 1st place prize and everything. I know how to recreate it the glitch and was told that they know about it, so I figured it would have been fixed by now

  15. If you're talking about my post, then no, not visual.

  16. These are my opinions and how i played so far and i suggest you figuring it out how you enjoy it yourself is the most fun:

  17. If you think 200k is expensive then I've got some bad news for you lol

  18. And? Ok, what's the problem?

  19. No one is saying there is a problem 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. Prestige would be nice. Lose all invested coins, reset all workshops to base, but get some kind of coin multiplier.

  21. Yeah I agree with T11, if try to get to as far as I can i only get to wave 150

  22. This is kinda sad that you stalk my account to Harras me...

  23. Cisco is known on this sub for being a toxic troll. Just ignore him. Not sure why he's even on this sub anymore since no one likes him and he doesn't contribute to anything 🤷‍♂️

  24. Its there to try and facilitate a peace agreement between your tower and the Squares. Kill it.

  25. I got golden wheel in first spin. 😂 My friend nearly trap me into choosing chain lightning

  26. Yeah I was planning on just posting it in the discord under bugs, wasn't planning on telling others how to do it

  27. Disclaimer: I did get to that round myself, and I do like finding bugs. I had to be away from the game for a while so I tried something I thought might cause a bug and it ended up working.

  28. That's good for long haul, but as far as just getting past teir 1 quickly abs defense is better. Once you pass teir 1 though stop spending on abs defense entirely, it's a waste

  29. Yeah I never did never saw the point of it when defense % is a thing

  30. Tier 1 abs defense can do 100% defense buff so you can full on nullify damage from enemies, but it's really only valid for teir 1

  31. Yeah like I said damage + attack speed I blazed past tier 1 on the same day so never saw the point

  32. There is def a play for gc in t11 pushing with the right perks and econ

  33. Yeah that's for a low wave count in T11 only. Health is still far superior in high wave Platinum tourneys than any GC build

  34. I never said anything about GC in tournaments. As someone pushing over 600 waves in t11 I can tell you glass cannon, when the perks line up right, is comparable to tank builds. But its a lot more RNG dependent on perks than tank mode.

  35. Like I said, low wave count for T11 only. Regardless the main reason people grind are for tournaments, and if you aren't getting high enough waves in tournaments, then theres no reason to go a GC build when, again, health builds are far superior

  36. Depends on the bootcamp and the student. My wife was a competent programmer in R and Python. Did a bootcamp. Cost $12k. She came out the other end bad ass in R and Python and also good in Webdev stuff.

  37. I was thinking going to the uc Berkeley extension bootcamp which is about $12k. Fortunately I have the money to burn (thank you shib)

  38. This has been asked 1000 times and the answer is always "it depends on the bootcamp"

  39. Of those 1000 times what bootcamp was generally answered as good lol

  40. Ok tbh I was stuck on wave 300 ish til this morning… I also went with def abs but realized it would get too expensive and doesn’t scale very well… so I switched my game plan…and now I am consistently getting 1000 ish wave in T1

  41. ...and then there's me that clicks on tier 9 and reaches 1 billion health by wave 300

  42. NAL and all I can offer a tip with is on the matter of returned the check - write “deposited electronically on [date]” and “bounced on [date]” on the front in ink before returning it. He might just want it for record keeping.

  43. They are a very shady company, they have the funds but I'm not sure why they issued a second check or the first got bounced