1. Clearly you failed to realize I'm responding to a comment on the internet, reddit to be precise, and not a lawyer.

  2. I am aware we are on reddit are you aware i said Telling a person wording doesn't matter means you never faced a lawyer thats good at what he/she does?

  3. Sec. 22-357. Damage by dogs to person or property.

  4. It might actually be faster to get to 120 and then swap to dedicated bird nest hunting rather than using Ent + Eagle over Ent + Bear.

  5. Yeah when I posted this I was 120, but I tried the strat someone else mentioned with ent + bear with the superior skillcape and its crazy fast. I got 100k in 4 hours, so yeah about 25k/hour

  6. I'm just shocked is all. I guess the astrology interval -% are helping out a ton

  7. probably has more to do with the (second) refund that just dropped

  8. I did think the first refund was too low but I wasn't sure

  9. OH. I had no idea that was a thing. That makes perfect sense now, thank you. That +30000 golden stardust gain actually made zero sense, but I tried to make sense out of it lol

  10. I was just about to bring this up, I recently heard about this too

  11. Unfortunately the 'benefit' is having the ability to have a cheaper version of health care through the employer. So, they do pay some. If I were to pay out of pocket for my spouse and me, it would be a few hundred more per month, like $1200-1300 a month. Robbery in either case considering every other developed country has a national health care program that is affordable. #merica

  12. Just make sure to verify that's the correct amount. Like I pay $240 a month on my end while my employer pays about $600 on their end

  13. Unfortunately, I do believe contracts, ads, and the occasional random gift is the only way to get free shell tickets. I'm sorry, you gotta do the grind or shill out a few dollars for the greedy devs

  14. Your argument is well constructed and in the right context is very much correct, but we're talking about the same devs right? Auxbrain has had plenty of support on this simple F2P mobile game, all before their release of Shells. They're always tweaking the game to add something new to the players, but with every new update they find a way to ask for more money. Look into the upcoming November 1st update, where you won't get GE directly from consuming artifacts, and instead it gets added to the piggy. Both in the figurative sense and the literal, they are greedy. If you want to support them, that's fine, but I don't appreciate the attack on me for absolutely no reason.

  15. Well no, that's where you're wrong. Other games force ads on you. This game doesn't, its optional if you want added cash or other in game rewards you watch an ad but they don't force it down your throat. They don't force anything down your throat. Even with the cosmetic update, you aren't required to buy anything to advance in the game.

  16. I would wait till the change next month to see if artifacts apply to the bonus you get

  17. That's what I'm assuming it does, would be huge if it does.

  18. To you. Plenty of other people found it funny. You don't have to find it funny, but you're just objectively wrong.

  19. Cisco is known for being a complete fucking idiot on this sub, ignore him. I thought it was funny

  20. It was funny. Shut the fuck up cisco, no one likes you here, not sure why you're even on this sub

  21. Ok and I thought I had insane luck opening less than 50

  22. Ohhh I thought you did 10 and got that, still pretty cool tho

  23. I only started getting that bug when I logged into the cloud save. Before I did that, everything was fine

  24. Not gonna lie I got all the ancient gear within 200 tries

  25. They really need to change the "prestige" wording to "level up and get farther in the game" because people are too damn scared to "prestige" all the time for some reason

  26. It’s a genre word though. Most games in the genre call it prestiging. Also the word “prestige” doesn’t mean reset. Like, at all.

  27. Definitely NOT a genre word. Call of duty has a prestiging system which resets your level but gives you a new emblem instead and different unlocks. Call of duty is a first person shooter and last I checked eggs inc is not a first person shooter.

  28. Ym4n says:

    It's not about GE, it's about artifacts needed

  29. You are wrong, I know enough players who have more than enough GE left over but can not craft anything anymore because they used up all the materials they had, even though they never recycled any artifacts and started collecting right when artifacts came out. And all of those players are level 21. 22 might be possible. 30 is cheating.

  30. The usual reason is money. Dragon javelins are one the few end game strategies for money. Most people won't need to craft more than 1/10 of what I did, but I didn't plan my initial resource gathering very well and as a result it snowballed out of control after the initial ore mining.

  31. Ohhhh ok, so basically it was better to make the dragon javelins and make a lot of gp rather than waste the resources and just selling those?

  32. What was the reason for making this many? Is there a challenge or something? I'm fairly new, still haven't 99% everything

  33. Check out the 1st sentence instead of the 2nd lol you can’t be serious dude. Delete this you look like a bozo

  34. Out of all the times people forget about South Carolina how is this the one time where someone gets our state right but then puts Oregon where Nevada should be.

  35. Yeah Nevada is definitely not where Oregon is relative to this map lmao...

  36. I'll trade you for some purple thunder, I didn't care for overdrive but it seems like a lot of people like it

  37. I'd be willing to trade a purple thunder for overdrive if we just pay for shipping

  38. Go to your workshop and in the top right corner there is a "respec" option to refund all your coins that you've spent in the workshop. You have to finish the lab research first to enable this.

  39. It depends if you have any range research in your lab. What I do is put a point (or max doesn't matter) in for your orbs and check what range they're at, and slowly put points in your range until the orbs are circling the perimeter you want. Your card orbs can always be adjusted.

  40. Not a visual glitch. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Posted it on here. Got the 1st place prize and everything. I know how to recreate it the glitch and was told that they know about it, so I figured it would have been fixed by now

  41. If you're talking about my post, then no, not visual.

  42. These are my opinions and how i played so far and i suggest you figuring it out how you enjoy it yourself is the most fun:

  43. If you think 200k is expensive then I've got some bad news for you lol

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