1. Rich assholes will become richer and assholier

  2. Fines like these are so fucking meaningless.

  3. We don't need data. We already have data. This was already common knowledge and not debated before this study existed. But it's also already been studied plenty.

  4. The NDP has been against the more sweeping bans in both versions of C21 since day one.

  5. When the vote comes, they'll vote for C21 no matter what shape its in.

  6. I doubt it. NDP votes are why it even went to committee in the first place. If they were going to fall in line, C21 would be law by now but the NDP and Bloc voted to send it to committee.

  7. Theyll ban that too and every other thing they come up with.

  8. Please follow the title formatting guidelines for your future posts, as stated on the right hand side.

  9. Killing her is easy. Just cripple her wing. She lands, you fuck her up. bingo.

  10. I learned how to do this 20 years ago in college.

  11. This is downright scary and these poeple think Trump won...

  12. Second era and fourth era. Skyrim is fourth era, ESO is second era.

  13. Il y a beaucoup de probleme d'approvisionnement en cemoment dans plusieurs restaurant et toutes les grosses chaines sont affecté

  14. You never connect those tvs to your home network anyway.

  15. Do you not use streaming apps then

  16. newer amd devices do have usb4, like the thinkpad amd z13

  17. I have a mod that makes looting just like Fallout 4, so you just have to look at the container to see inside of it.

  18. This is my daily skull popper, Quad, +50% VATS hit chance, -25% VATS cost. It is veeery good. I dont even put much into automatic/riflemen as im a heavy gunner.

  19. Oil for me. My flamer eats through it. You'd think being in America I wouldn't have this problem.

  20. I learned about the soap racket not too long ago

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