1. Perhaps the woman whose house this clown stripped off in and then jerked off in (twice, because clearly he was so remorseful after the first time) should have said that she felt suicide was an option if he was given name suppression, rather than just saying "she felt "isolated" being unable to talk openly to family and friends about what had happened." Wonder (though not really) what side Judge Black's favour would have come down on then?

  2. Can't think of any specific gift wrapping service (other than the mall one at Christmas run by charities) but University Bookshop always ask me if I want my books wrapped and most jewellers will gift wrap, too.

  3. Gift shop at the Otago Arts Society (upstairs at the railway station) is awesome and very reasonably priced and lots of Dunedin/NZ themed work - paintings, prints, coasters, pottery, jewellery etc. Also, some gorgeous little unframed original paintings and prints that would fit nicely in a carry-on bag.

  4. Playcentre used to be an amazing organization but I noticed the rot start creeping in about ten years ago and over the last few years it's seriously lost the plot. Actual centres for families are closing left, right and centre and yet the organization is somehow constantly creating and funding pointless admin or advisory positions at their offices.

  5. If the bank wouldn't give me my money, I'd be seriously upset. Meanwhile, she's screaming out for banks to tell her what she can and can't do with her money - bizarre.

  6. Yeh, my last three bills have all been $40-$50 more than usual for the same time last year and eldest is now flatting so should be cheaper.

  7. Her resemblance to Edgar the Bug Man (MiB) is a little too striking these days.

  8. Although, obviously, I'm pleased about this for the family, why are all the other sudden deaths and vaccine injuries following a Pfizer shot and reported by doctors to CARM being ignored?

  9. Maybe a lamingtons buy-back is on the cards? Honestly wouldn't surprise me with this ridiculous government.

  10. Unless it's a joint loan or you provide a loan guarantee, you're not automatically responsible for a next-of-kin's debt. However, some people will take advantage of people at a time of loss and often people will pay someone's debt just to make the creditor go away.

  11. Wine bar hostess when a student. Thought I'd been hired to serve drinks but then boss insisted the other girls serve drinks and I be paid to sit and drink with the most boring but extremely rich and powerful middle-aged gangsters... and even their wives and kids sometimes, when Sunday lunch :(

  12. Wish I hadn't read that article. Apart from the fact that those quoted as against it seem to have trouble with basic English sentence structure (though could be Stuff misquoting them), I'm still waiting for Meng Foon to finish his bloody sentence: "it's against the law actually to treat people less than," Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon said.

  13. Planted out my potted four year old olive tree into the orchard and in the last couple of weeks it's gone bananas (as in olives). There's heaps of little olives all over it. Don't know how many will grow big enough to harvest but clearly prefers the earth to a pot.

  14. Oooh, it's back :) Okay, as The Stranglers, Kate Bush and The Smiths have already been taken, I'ma going for the Bs for British:

  15. Okay, b-grade NZ celebs - guys from Steriogram invited me to stay at their house up north whenever I want - haven't taken them up on it yet but might do when I'm old and ugly just to creep them out :D And Matt Heath (tv/radio guy) was a serious sleaze to me one night at a gig and really hard to get rid of.... Perfectly sure it was my stunning personality they were all interested in though, eh? Also, some All Black from Dunedin who looked like a gigantic troll whose name I can't remember.

  16. I like this painting and the fact that so many different interpretations. My personal one is that the bride is Abraham, about to sacrifice her love on the alter of the institution of marriage. And the groom is Isaac, about to be sacrificed (but unconsciously) on that same alter.

  17. I was 8 and in the cubs in 1977 when the Queen came on her Jubilee tour. My name was drawn out of a hat to stand in a line as she walked past, one of only 4 in my area. I was scrubbed clean to within an inch of my life and my uniform had never been so precisely ironed. I remember being part of a sea of boys all being told not to pick their nose and to stop playing with our woggles.

  18. Lovely personal tribute to read. How it should be.

  19. Ouch! And Greek Salad is really cheap and easy to make a big bowl of and lasts in the fridge okay for a couple of days.

  20. Yep, they realized that when they got to the till but - being 14 - her friend was too embarrassed to put it back :D

  21. Yeh, this is a worry seeing it in print. Was talking to a guy a couple of months back (agricultural machinery guy) and he was telling me that the fuel supplies here now are ridiculously low and that they've been rationing diesel to rural gas stations for a few months and that it wouldn't be long till it started hitting the mainstream market.

  22. Thank you so much for posting - I didn't know about this. Won't be home till well after midnight on Sunday but hopefully should be clear enough to see by then, with gales dying out before showers later Monday morning. That'll be me out on the veranda then, with a glass of wine and a couple of cats and dogs on top of me to keep me warm :D

  23. Only just discovered the lyrics to 'My Mind's Sedate' aren't: "Don't trust the police or the government." I guess that's 'confirmation bias' for you :)

  24. Student/lecturer relationships can be a minefield on both sides - students dating lecturers tend to be accused of only doing it to get better grades and lecturers tend to be accused of predatory behaviour.

  25. I designed a bollard that will impail the driver.. Can't use it in nz because it "might hurt them" What a load of shit..

  26. Yes, a friend whose yard had been burgled a few times finally concreted broken bottles into the top of his yard's walls to stop them climbing back in again and then had a visit from the local cops telling him that he would have to remove the glass in case the intruders cut themselves... :-/ Shame the cops couldn't just actually arrest the thieves but, yeh, that would mean doing paperwork.

  27. Bollards are good but, if the thefts can't be stopped, ultimately the shops will have to close as will not be able to afford to open or pay their insurances etc. and people in that area will be left without shops - other than maybe a couple run by gangs, who the thieves would be too scared to hit, and whose prices would cripple most low income earners. - and then house prices will fall, schools will find it hard to attract new teachers and medical centres doctors etc.

  28. Interesting that they quote this Jansen - a blue-eyed white guy with "links" to Maori heritage on his mother's side (and who used it to get into med school on the Polynesian preference scheme in the early 1980s but then dropped out and had to have another go under another Maori student scheme in the 1990s), who's somehow now Chief Medical Officer of the Maori Health Authority, as saying: "that while traditional medicine could help people who are unwell from Covid, it could not prevent Covid, and that the vaccine was still needed." It's as though nobody's told him that vaccination doesn't prevent Covid. I thought even the most die-hard Pfizerites understood that now (with most of them even pretending they never claimed that)?

  29. Daughter headed south to do lane changes on the uphill to Rosebank and then circled back through town. Lots of roadworks by the new Countdown - make sure you go speed on signs. And you'll def ned parallel park, whereas in Dunedin they'll often let you off with a 3 point turn instead.

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