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  1. I’ll fuck you and then your husband just to teach him a lesson for coming home from work.

  2. The one w/o the phone. Because she looks like she can rock my world.

  3. Ok I get it. Absolutely nothing good can be achieved with this nice looking bummer of a plant. I’m in NW Indiana and will consider alternatives. Thanks for your input.

  4. You should save this pic for a landscaper. Ask them what you could plant that is similar but not invasive and shitty. I have done that and some of my most beloved outdoor plants are alternate suggestions to something I originally suggested. Is it the height you like? There’s a lot of options.

  5. Height somewhat. I’m wanting to replace some evergreens with something that looks wild, something that doesn’t need much attention. Thanks to all that has chimed in, I see that it would be a huge mistake. I’m glad I posted. Thank you.

  6. Damn, always such awesome posts. 🍆💦💦💦

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